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We like our audience to be as outspoken and honest as we are. Share your thoughts, appreciation or grievances with us at The Indian Youth. We need to know how far we’ve come and how further we still have to go to become your favorite youth website. Believe us when we say, you will be heard.

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Every story is weak until it’s told and every story is life altering when heard. We wouldn’t like the world to be oblivious to yours, it may have the power to change the destiny of many. Your story could be something that happened to you, something you feel or something you wish for. Just trust us enough to share it with us and we will make sure it reaches everyone.
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We know it gets boring to hear people rant about stuff you don’t wish to read. We are more than willing to give you exactly what you crave for, so when you come across something that just cannot be not told – a story, a video or a post that you feel should be spread like wildfire, mail us your thought. Tell what you think should be told to the world and we will tell it in the best way we can. Email us your ideas at –

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We are a small and cozy community of like minded people who strive to change, appreciate or discuss what has been happening. Be a part of this community and add to our knowledge with your perspective. Do not just let that thought vanish in thin air, speak your heart out while you interact with people who think on the same lines as you at The Indian Youth. You could be a professional, a student, a housewife or a Harvard graduate, be a part of us to make us do better.

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And because we are not just another youth based website, we take care of everything you wish us to take care of. Partner with us, or help us talk about your event. Let us know how and what you want us to work on and we will be right at your service. Also, we love giving credit for the good work so don’t be shy of the spotlight. Explore the opportunities that await you, drop us an email at –