Do you wish to contribute – Is there something you wish to publish ? Kindly use this page.

If you are somebody who wishes to be a part of something bigger, we have the right opportunities for you. Be heard, be appreciated and be respected while you go out there and take on the world. We, at The Indian Youth believe that every person has great potential which is waiting to be unleashed. Unleash your potential and see it grow manifold while you contribute in your own way to influence the lives of hundreds. Be a volunteer or a writer, be a thinker or the executor, you tell us your forte and we will create a tailor-made role which will suit you perfectly. Also, age is no bar!

However, there are a few principles that we stick to no matter what, here are a few of them

  • We do not welcome plagiarized content, whatever you write and send over should be 100 percent authentic and your own. Referencing is allowed by only with proper citation.
  • No discriminatory or derogatory content on any caste, creed, religion or sex will be published under any circumstances. The contributor is requested to check their content for the same before sending it across. Always Keep in your mind that We Respect all religions and regions.
  • We censor all adult content or abusive language, so the material which contains the same will be disqualified immediately.
  • We look for unpublished work which is original in every sense of the word, hence the articles should not be published anywhere else. Like we said earlier, you can always give citations in the case of references. Also, after getting published with The Indian Youth, the article cannot be published anywhere else either, we will consider it to be a copyright violation.
  • Nothing illegal or controversial, no matter how important it may seem to you, will be published on the website, we have the full right to regulate the content of the website.
  • Lastly, you will be fully responsible for the content that you write and by sending over the article to us, you give us the right to use your content whenever we want
  • You must give references to such works in your article and give credit for the images or the videos you have used.

Once you have all the above mentioned ‘don’ts’ in place, remember – the nation wants people like you to come and help its progress towards a glorious future. So, get up, take action and astound the world. Thank you & we look forward for great submission that will be of great service to our community.

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