How to Convince Your Parents to Let You Study Abroad

A good education is a passport for the bright future.

Since the time of Vedas, Puranas and the Upanishads, India is known to be the land of knowledge, education and learning. Of course today with some of the best educational institutions in the world, India is on the verge of becoming one big educational hub. But still, young students prefer going abroad for education. Why? Because foreign universities and colleges do have something unique and different which Indian education system cannot provide. With the humongous information explosion and its consumption across the country due to internet and smart phones, there is a significant rise in the number of students going abroad for education. It has now also become very easy and convenient to apply and get admission in foreign countries.

How to convince your parents


But there are still some families in India which are strictly against their children learning abroad. When students express their wish to study abroad, they are vehemently refused. Plus they also get to hear hordes of reasons why it is not good enough to go outside India. Prejudices, concern for safety, worry about the future, financial constraints, etc are some of the reasons parents’ state for their refusal. But, with patience, proper information and explanation, students can convince their parents to let them go. Here are some of the things that can help youths to convince parents to allow them to study out of the country.

Explain in detail the difference in quality of education

Of course India has some of the finest universities and colleges where you get first class education, but parents should know that it is extremely difficult to get admission into such universities. Opposite to that there are numerous universities abroad which have the same or better quality education. Plus, the opportunity for further studies and research is immensely better in foreign countries. Explain your parents how most of them also offer on the job trainings/practical experience which is significantly missing in Indian education.

How it is easy to get admission in foreign universities

Explain your parents how one can get admitted in a good foreign university with half the effort it takes to get into a good Indian university. It’s a fact. All the parents are already aware of the mad race and competition to get that “0.1” percent of extra percentile in India. But outside, the admission is generally governed by standard exams like TOEFL, GRE which are easy to crack if well prepared. Plus, because most are autonomous universities, it takes lesser time for the entire admission process opposite to the months and years we require for the centralized admission process.

Availability of scholarships and education loans

One of the biggest worry for parents – the “M” factor. But tell them that almost all the universities in US and Australia offer good scholarship programs for promising students. Plus, in the last 10 years, the process of education loans in India has also become easier. Many banks are offering education loans with easy repayment policies. It can help reduce the parents worry if you explain the entire calculation of loan repayment once you get the job.

It is really safe there

The safety of the child is the most important for parents. Because they feel its easier to help if something happens in India – which is in fact true. But with the strict security measures taken by governments all over the world, it is really safe these days. Also, if something has to happen it can happen in any Indian college as well. Parents should not actually get prejudiced only because its other country.

Availability of jobs

There is no guarantee in India that you will get a job even if you have studied in a great college. But outside, most of the universities offer jobs to students after their education. However may the parents feel against sending their children outside the country, this one aspect can melt their hearts. Because the child’s future is the most important thing for them. And if you can convince them how you can get a well-paying yet intellectually satisfying job in foreign country, they might not oppose. After all, a good education is a passport to your bright future.

Fear of losing the emotional connect

Of course. This one fear takes the center stage. “Beta tum hamein bhul to nahi jaoge?” is always at the back of their mind when they refuse to let their children study abroad. And going by the deep rooted Indian mindset, the fear is well justified. Youths will need to have tons of patience to explain their parents that they will always keep loving the parents and not forget them. Of course there would be practical difficulties in communicating, say if in the US, there would be time zone issues. But with proper planning and discipline, everything can be worked out well. With love, care and detail communication one can sort out the insecurities in parent’s heart and go ahead and book the ticket to a successful future.


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