Crime Against Men in India

No, you don’t get to read this in the newspaper every day. Crime against men in India is a mum topic. Nobody wants to raise it as most of the time the victim himself refuses to open up about it and the fact that Indian law is a disabled child to parent against such crimes. We talk of gender equality and eradication of crimes and inequality based on gender. But then why when someone says gender inequality, it is presumed that it is being talked about crime against women? Gender equality does not involve only women but men too. The issue about crime against men in India largely remains unsupported and unreported.

Everyone has raised voice against freedom and equality of women but why forget that men can be victim too! Sadly, Indian Legislation has failed to accept that men can be victims of sexual violence and assault. The very Section 375 of IPC dealing with rape and legal provisions against it, mentions no rapes or sexual assaults against men, infact it portrays that if a rape has been done then women is the victim and men is the perpetrator. Not only this, IPC Sections 354 A, 354 B, 354 C and 354 D, dealing with sexual harassment, disrobing, stalking and voyeurism all accept women as victims and men as the executors. There is only IPC Section 377, which is also crippled, it records for sexual violence against men but it incorporates only penile sexual intercourse, non-penile abuse victims are not served by law.

Just like the IPC Sections, In this case , mentality of people in the society is small. It won’t be wrong to say that these sections show mirror of the way of thinking the society carries. The situation of crimes and abuse against men is in need of urgent attention and calling for serious consideration.

It’s time we voice this issue, and then only we’ll be talking of actual gender equality. The figures recorded for crime against men are disturbing, not because they are huge figures but because of the number of cases where men are victims, go unreported. Men in India are facing all kinds of abuse and “men don’t cry” is a mentality that’s needed to die. Types of crime done against men in India:

  1. 1. Rape
  2. Forced Sexual Intercourse
  3. Trafficking
  4. Forced Marriage
  5. Domestic Violence
  6. Kidnapping & Abduction
  7. False dowry cases
  8. False rape and other charges

Results of such cases being unreported and unnoticed:

  • Suicide
  • Depression
  • Divorce or Denial in accepting the family

Why Men Are Silent:

Most of the crimes done against men don’t even get registered and it is because of the sick mentality that is being carried out by society. A man suffers in silence because of many reasons:

Failing to Accept : The denial of crime by the victim only prolongs the abuse. Just like women who suffer from domestic violence but does not accept it as violence, men too fall into the same category.

Feel Ashamed : Look at the other side of the coin, apart from your caste, creed, age; you are judged by what gender you are. The Indian society tries to hide the issues where men come off as vulnerable.

Family Pressure : Society does not allow a weak men-image to be portrayed and so the family pressurizes the victim, here men, to keep mum.

Fear of False Case Charges : The law in India are tightening against any kind of crime against women but they have forgotten to fill in the loopholes. The same laws are used to make false charges against men for money, sexual advantages and many other reasons.

The Paralyzed Law : Since always it has been that the sections against crime will either have women as victims or person as victim. The nation is in dire need to make laws where men are centre of subject and can address or find hope to address any kind of false charges and crimes. The human rights and gender equality should include both men and women.

What you can do?

Next time, you talk of gender equality make sure to talk about it with its full essence. The youth are the one who can voice their opinions and help eradicate the nation of its inequality and crippled mentality by teaching what equality always stood for!

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  1. It is so true. morals in the society are badly vanished. Previledges to women is also wrongly used. And in this advocates has played a great role by fueling the ego of their female clients and showing them great path of wrongly using sec. 498a of ipc for making their pockets big. Illetracy and wrong approach of morals in the shade of social customs are ruining humanity. No doubt patriarchal approach of society should change but such acts will just creat more differences and wrose the situation.

  2. At the moment, we are all so worried about the crime against women and media adds to our fear. Have we ever wondered about the crime against men? Our men are being subjected to harsh treatments making the use of loops in the laws! We are all so worried about our girls, ever wondered about the legitimacy of the cases filed against men? Yes, they are ill treated too. They are subjected to domestic violence as well. Give a thought!


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