Crime among the Youth: an Alarming state of Nation

The astounding and alarming rates of crime by young adults in our nation have called for attention, not a day goes by when newspaper headlines don’t read about crimes done by youths. We are talking against gender inequality, felony, sexual assaults, corruption, poverty, cyber crime, rape and what not, and our own youth, who are future of the nation, are the one under scrutiny for committing these crimes.

Youth are there to shape the future of the country and statistics of crime amongst youth portrays a dark-clouded picture for the nation. According to released figures of the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), almost 60% crimes against minors are done by youngsters of age 16 and 18. That accounts for, 28,830 out of 43,506 crimes registered against minors under the Indian Penal Code (IPC) and the Special Local Law (SLL).

Most crimes trending amongst youth are:

Crime against women : Rape, sex scandals, insulting women via words, gestures or acts rose at an unbelievably alarming rate. The figures upsets as rape cases by juveniles increased 60%, acts to insult women raised to 70.5%.

Cyber crime : Majorly used for earning money and blackmailing partners by young teenagers. There had been 53.5% rise in the cyber crime. Out of 324 people arrested under the IT Act, 215 were from the age group of 18-30 years.

The major cause of increasing crime rates amongst youth is the ‘easy money’. The greedy and attention-seeking behavior of today’s youth leads them to commit heinous crimes. The more disturbing facts on the crime sheets are young and qualified teenagers even get involved in doing of such atrocious crimes.

The rate of crime amongst youth has increased to 40% and almost 56% of the crimes are done by youngsters between age group 16-25. The traceable behaviour and reasons are far from the obvious but majorly such worrying figures are contributed due to:

  1. Easy Money
  2. Unemployment
  3. Fitting into the group
  4. Lust for attention

But blaming the youth for all of it will clearly be wrong. Youth, at most times, in such cases are themselves victims. Many qualified young criminals are drawn to committing crimes due to scarcity of jobs. Also, peer pressure plays a negative role, which leads teenagers to earn money in easy ways, show-off and try to gain attention by buying expensive gadgets.

The upbringing, lack of time provided to youngsters has led to most of the youngsters to be drawn towards the wrong path. There is not one but many ways to put a stop to let youth destroy their and nation’s future.

We are in dire need for a better education system, huge modifications is called for in terms of upbringing and social awareness. Youngsters are a sensitive and tender group and need to be dealt with better care and protection. They need time and need to be talked out with the help of love and care. It does not guarantee that no offending by youth will be considered or committed but reduces the risk to a minimal level.

Stringent law enforcement, better judiciary setup can discourage youngsters from committing such crimes but why wait for others to better your world when you, yourself can take a step more and stop it from being.


  1. If technology came as a bliss in our own lives, security was the threat never catered to! Cyber crime is on a rise and point to be noted is that all the accused are the young developers. Not only this, the crime against women, chain snatching, robbery etc are no less. We are required to generate enough employment for our youth and also impart the right education. It is a role which has to be played by the society and the government collectively.

  2. well, its not always true…i think this author is paranoid..u are. the homeless poor youth staying in slum or addited to drugs etc..are drawn to crime and the orphans have a very tough life people like u wont understnad. u do nothing to help them just blaming others is all ur good for


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