Nissan Datsun Redi-Go 2016 Car Review

Nissan revived the low-cost brand Datsun couple of years back. The main agenda was to aim markets like India where the economy is still developing. With the global premier of Datsun Go right here in India, Datsun expected a much larger response than what they received in the country. Now using the same platform as the Go, Datsun developed few iterations, namely Go Plus and the newest – RediGo. Will the new product help Datsun to climb where it was aiming initially? Let’s find out what Datsun RediGo has to offer as a product in Indian car scenario.



The RediGo looks really good. Datsun has worked hard to make sure that the car will hit the right audience, that is youth and first time car buyers. The front has familiar Datsun family grille and the headlamp that looks much like modified unit from the Go. The Daytime Running Lamps are new and add to the young looks. From the side, the Datsun RediGo looks very well sculpted. The strong lines add a lot of muscle and character to the vehicle.

RediGo also becomes the hatchback with highest ground clearance, which is 185mm. The small wheels do make the car look bit odd but they do not make the car look bad.

On the rear, the RediGo has a nice arched shape with the wrap around tail lamp cluster. The thin chrome line stretch on the rear will add the premium overall looks.

The RediGo looks smart and with 5 colors, the car will certainly appeal to a large number of young audience.



Datsun says that a lot of research has gone to make the cabin RediGo comfortable. Accessing the seats is very easy. Also the high seating posture gives you a good view of the road ahead. Datsun has smartly increased the glass surface area to add an airy feeling to the cabin. The boot space can hold 222 litres of luggage space, and the rear benches does fold completely down to create more space if required.

The fit and finish and the quality of the plastic is top notch. There is soft touch plastic and a music system that can play through USB and AUX-input. The system also comes with a remote but the Bluetooth is missing from the list.

There is a small display in the instrument cluster that has digital tachometer, Distance to empty, and current mileage of the car. The top variant gets power windows but the switches are located between the front two seats. Driver airbag is only optional on the top variant.


RediGo draws power from the same 800cc petrol unit that is also available with the Renault Kwid. The maximum power generated is 54 bhp along with 72 Nm of maximum torque. Datsun claims a maximum fuel efficiency of 25.17 km/l. The engine is very punchy but has a clatter to it like all the three-cylinder petrol units.


Image courtesy :datsun


The prices start from Rs. 2.39 lakh ex-showroom, Delhi. For this price, Datsun is offering a lot many things and also looks better than the competition. If you are out in the market looking for something fresh and really do not want to go to the stereotypes from the Maruti and Hyundai, this is the car to go for. Datsun has sorted everything with the RediGo, only thing that remains is the service network.


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