How to Deal With Job Insecurity

We are living in a world of cut-throat competition. The proverbial rat race is getting worse by the day. Professionally, you can never get too comfortable where you are. While you struggle to maintain that work-life balance, you cannot ignore the fact that you need to constantly keep updating yourself. There is always someone waiting to get the job that you have, to replace the position that you might vacate. Does this mean that you constantly live in the fear of being laid off? While you should never take your job for granted, being in the constant fear of getting the pink slip might affect your performance adversely.

How to deal with job insecurity

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However, if there really is a situation where you are facing dismissal from employment, how do you cope with it?


The first rule of dealing with something like this is to be in a state of total acceptance. If you continue remaining in denial, you are just delaying the entire process of getting over the situation. Once you believe there is a crisis and there is nothing you can do about it, you would have already started the process of coping with the same.

Get moving

By living in the constant fear of something that could happen you are just losing out on precious time. Start preparing by updating your CV and getting the word out. Talk to friends or former colleagues if they happen to know of relevant vacancies. Start applying if you feel that can help you worry less. Make a plan and start acting on it. There is no time to waste.

Do not forget to have fun

With so much happening in the professional space, you might miss out on catching up with your personal life. Do not forget to have fun. Spend time with your family or hang out with friends. Do things that make you happy and keep you calm.

Reach out

Reach out to friends and family or people you think could help you get through these trying times. If you do not feel comfortable about sharing the details with others, you can always write them down. Talking about it or writing it down gives you a perspective and helps you see things in better light.

Steer clear of negative Thoughts

Avoid negative discussions with whining colleagues. Your thoughts and ideas should be constructive. If you have no control over what is happening, the least you can do is try and take control of what might come your way.

Do take good care of Yourself

Love yourself even when your confidence might have hit an all-time low. More often than not, such situations are not in your control. There are bigger things and important decisions taken in places that might cause you to lose your job. Self-loathing and self-pitying will just make matters worse. Make sure you take care of your body. Eat healthy meals and do not forget to get some exercise. Remember, you need health to be by your side when you are fighting greater odds.

Job insecurity is a stark reality of the 21st century. Each and every working professional is dealing with this in some way or the other. You can either let it defeat you, or you can win it. Inspire and motivate yourself daily. As the old saying goes, every cloud has a silver lining. Something better might be waiting for you. You might miss that if you are too preoccupied with what is wrong. Seek what could be made right and make the best out of it.


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