Defining the change

Well, you could blame the cell phones or Facebook, you could call it exposure or awareness. A blog has become mightier than a sword and the internet has become the pug which follows you all around. It can be because of anything but you got to face the fact that the youth has changed. Imagine talking to your parents about your love affair, a decade ago, or creating a page for support on Hi5 or Orkut. Times, technology, things, and the people have changed or should I say evolved?

They say the youth is made of something else, something that is indescribable. Courage and compassion, passion and potential, integrity and intellectuality, you name it, they have it. The youth is multifaceted, it blows one’s mind. It’s so spectacular and strong, at the same time, that you seldom believe they are made of human material. Nobody can oversell the fact that youth is the best thing to ever happen to the world. The best part is, the youth just keeps getting better –

Y – Young and energetic – They have the fire, they have the strength. They are hot blooded, cool minded, open to new experiences and willing to do anything it takes to be the best. They are the gurus of social networking, the baap of money making, the chiraag of their houses and the tara of their mother’s eyes.

O – Optimistic and hopeful – They are optimistic that the scenario will change and hope that it is for the better. They try, they fail, they try again and they succeed. They actually work towards the goal, and if you ask me what they bring to the table, I would say they bring the god damn table.

U – Unabashedly crazy – Yes, they are crazy. They are absolutely crazy, crazy that is the new passionate, the new headstrong, the new mad, and the new kick-ass. They do stuff, stuff that one only dreams about, thinks about in a reverie, that what would I do if I had only one more day to live? They do everything one would consider perilous, they live for adventure, they want extreme things and they thrive on adrenaline rushes.

T – Tactful – They have a way with words, a way with people. They want something, the go and get it. They settle for nothing short of what they exactly need, they do everything- convince, persuade, shout, or even manipulate to get their way. They have the tact and they are very well aware of how to use it!

H – Humane and helpful – They cry, they wail, they enjoy, they cheer. They are compassionate and helpful, they feel the pain, they help people. They ask for justice, they fight for it. They fall down and they get up to become even stronger. They shout for the voiceless, fight for the weak, stand for the poor and care for the needy.

The youth is all of this and much more, if only they understand that there are times when they go wrong too. Youth is definitely not the most sensible, they have their highs and lows like everybody else but following the right path is more than necessary. Getting a reality check every once in a while is not a bad thing, we all are human, we need to be corrected when wrong and why not? Especially when the nation has its hopes pinned onto you, it is a heavy burden to bear but the torch bearer is the only one who shines in the light.

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  1. The fire of the youth followed by the optimism is all that it requires to make the man stand out of the crowd. The desire to make a change, the passion for leading the transformation and a zeal for leading the revolution makes Indian youth fit for the bigger roles lined up for them. If I pinpoint the incidences, Anna revolution in 2011 dethroned UPA government in 2014. Why? YOUTH!


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