Deteriorating quality of education in india

The whole idea of education was to develop human mind to an extent that it starts behaving in the most ideal manner by the time it is fully developed. The reality, however, is far from this and is scary as hell. The current state of education in our country is so deplorable that people have to look for alternate ways to impart meaningful education to the kids. The formal system of education has proved almost worthless. The factors leading up to this are many :

Quality of Education

Parallel to the real world

The problems that the kids are taught in class today are the ones that they will never actually face in the real world. Thus, the formal system of education gives absolutely no training about life, but does give us a lot of knowledge about things that we will never have to deal with. With the change in the way people look at life today, formal education seems almost unnecessary because of its sheer pointlessness. Talking to the kids about history when they don’t know the current political scenario which they have to live in, will do them no good.


Another major reason for the deterioration in the quality of education is the deterioration in the quality of educators. At a tender age of 3 or 4 years, when a kid starts going to school, his teacher is the first person that he/she looks up to. The kids are highly impressionable and start following the teacher. The problem nowadays is that teachers are more interested in making money than imparting knowledge and thus, they don’t care about the standard of education that they give out. This may be wrong in certain cases, but most of the classrooms in our country don’t even see a teacher every day.


The curriculum is designed keeping in mind the cultural and historical background of the country. It has been going on for ages and the people who design the curriculum are passed out of school around 30 years ago. Thus, they are hardly in touch with the generation which is currently going to school. This major mismatch is what makes the kids least interested in learning whatever is being taught in the classroom. The curriculum should be designed keeping in mind the development of the minds of the kids. With latest technology a lot can be done to revolutionize formal education.


The kids in our country have very little exposure in the early years of their education. They aren’t taught the classics in literature or about the world. They’re taught about their own country and that is what makes their base weak. It is important for the kids to know about their country, but it is even more important for the kid to know about the world. At the end of the day, our kids will one day compete at the global level and they should be prepared for that.

Forced education

Not all children are the best in academics. Each child is gifted with a unique talent and that talent varies from person to person. Thus, the quality of education a kid gets should be based on his talent and niche. If a kid is genuinely not interested in studies but is remarkable at art, then he should be given the option to choose art full time.

The idea of education was to help individuals get by life. Right now it has become one of the major reasons why individuals end their lives. Let’s change what education has become over the time and take it back to what it was originally supposed to be. An open stage to learn and showcase knowledge. Let’s not make it a competition.


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