You can clearly make out the difference between a patriot and a political worker when I say that in the present time there is a deliberate need to have as many as patriots in the country instead of the biased political workers. A patriot is foremost a selfless person whose solely focus is on the growth and prosperity of the nation, a patriot devoid of any bias give full regard and affection to the country. Indian history is the witness of many of the true patriots whose saga is flooded with emotions, compassion and regards for the motherland. Any person can be called as a patriot if his/her intentions are pure and whose heart is filled to the brim; with love and respect for the nation. The people who sacrificed their lives for the country without any bias and selfishness were all the true patriots who envisaged a beautiful future for India.

 A patriot can work at any level since the love and regards for the country cannot be limit in any periphery thus, a patriotic person can show his reverence in the form of social participation, social working, volunteering for good causes, participation in social revolution, initiating any good revolution that seeks change and transformation in the country for its wellbeing. Patriotism is not a category, under which the people are classified but it means to possess much of affection, good intentions and aspirations for the country to see it growing, flourishing and progressing. A person is a patriot if his/her all actions and directed in the way of the development of the nation, if he/she feels a strong connection between the motherland and him/herself, if his whole life becomes an inspiring example for others to help and support the country in its advancement. And this is what differentiates a patriot from a political worker.

A political worker is completely devoted to a particular political group or a party; here the vision is narrow in comparison to the vision of a patriot. A patriot’s aspirations are wide which include the welfare of the country as well as its all people; whereas a political worker whole solely thinks for the welfare and growth of his party. His/her actions are always directed and focused upon how can the political party be advanced, how can the party grab more and more number of votes from the people and how the party can attain support and backing from the other political workers. And the kind of politics that is prevalent in India in the present time clearly shows that the political workers in our country are biased, and self-centred. They would not hesitate from bribing the common people to grab votes nor would they hesitate from bullying anyone for making their own grounds strong in the party.

 While a patriot aspires for harmony, brotherhood, welfare of all in the country on the other hand a political worker aspires to popularize the political party’s agenda, sometimes a political worker might be responsible to spread communalism, and difference among the people. In the present time we all can see that the way political workers are working and promoting their political parties, they disgrace other party’s efforts, they assure that other party and its workers are just like debris and only they are the one who think the best for the country. But in reality in the modern times the image of all the political workers has been spoiled, they have become famous not for doing welfare of the common people but for making their own pockets hefty. Corrupted, biased, selfish, dishonest, shameless are some of the famous tags that have been used for the political workers in the current times.

This write up has not been written to degrade the value of political workers existing in our country but it has surely been written to draw the attention of the reader towards the differences between patriots and hard-core political workers. In the present time the country needs a more number of patriots who being unbiased and unselfish, work for the welfare of the common people, who respects the country and its resources and do not favour any exploitation of the same. Instead of promoting a particular party’s agenda or visions there should be honest people who promote harmony, secularism, peace and love among every one. Even a political worker can be a patriot if his/her intentions become non-discriminatory and unbigoted for the country and its people.



  1. Patriotism is not something that is up on sale in the market while the political workers can be hired or fired as per the convenience. I am not against the people associated with any political party but politics is not patriotism. Not everyone is having the heart enough to stand for the country and take a step ahead unless you have that irk for the nation. However, the motive of the political worker is to make sure that his superiors are acquainted with the efforts he is trying upon!


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