Difficulties in Studying Abroad

Unlike what most people think, studying abroad isn’t a party with intermittent studying. No, not at all. Instead, studying abroad has a broad number of challenges, and in many cases, it is a difficult task, one which must only be undertaken if you are sure about your choices and are willing to undertake risks, make sacrifices and work hard towards your goal.

Difficulties in Studying Abroad

As such, here are a few difficulties around the scenario of studying abroad:

Settling in an Unknown World

Sure, it is exciting submerging into an unknown world and carving a new life for yourself, far from the old one, writing yourself as the hero of the tale, in control of everything as you race on the highway to success. But reality is different from dreams, and not as easy.

As humans, the unknown often scares us. That is why our ancestors took to fire and let it light the way and the world as they explored it. Similarly, you will have to settle in the unknown world with only your wits to guide you, a world far removed from where you came from, but with its infinite possibilities glinting and gleaming before you.

Learning the Local Language

If you are moving into a country where the official language isn’t English, then you will need to learn the local language, especially if the people there are proud of their mother tongue, in which case learning the lingo would not only be an advantage for socializing, but also be an advantage when you begin your job-hunt. It could also be of immense help while studying and making connections with your peers. Not an easy task, but one which can pay off.

Living Alone

Sure, the freedom and independence is great, but along with that comes a list of responsibilities. After all, you will be the only one looking after yourself, and everything from cooking to cleaning to washing to the most difficult one of them all – waking up on time – will have to be managed by you. So better start learning to learn the sound of the alarm, old chap!

Emotional Support

You will have to learn to rely on yourself. Whether you face emotional or any other troubles, the only one you will be able to truly bank on is yourself. Of course, you will have made new friends with whom you will form new bonds of friendship, but until you are close to them – and even later – the one person you can trust and rely on will be yourself. So start getting used to the idea of independence and the many travails and responsibilities that come with it. The blanket of family won’t be protecting you from the harsh world anymore.


Sometimes, when the going gets tough, or when you are in a tight spot, or maybe just on a Sunday, much like any other, you may find yourself missing home, missing mom’s home-cooked meals, dad’s groan-worthy puns and your grandparents’ stories. You could feel like giving up and heading back then.

But on those days, remember your dreams, believe in their power, and soldier on, because no great thing was achieved without sacrificing something in return. Think of the smile on your families face when you emerge victorious against these odds, because that will be the day it will all have been worth it.


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