Present Scenario

 We all are very well aware of the present conditions against the security and safety of the females in our male chauvinist Indian society, no girl or woman is safe today and ironically there is no one to make them assured of the same. Day by day the cases of rapes and molestation against the females are increasing and it is quite shocking to know that there have not any strict laws and rules been regulated so far against the criminals who commit such heinous crimes. This is really a shame for our society that it is not being able to protect its female members and not able to bring forth effective solutions for eradicating the crimes against women.

Solutions according to the Male Chauvinistic Society against the increasing rapes and molestation

Although, now the youth, social activists, social workers and many educated people have begun to raise their voices and showing their agony in the form of many protests but still this has hardly changed the scenario. And what is more shameful and disgusting to see is that that at the end of the only women are asked and expected to do all the compromises, adjustments and changes; only they are supposed to change their attitudes, behaviour, thinking and actions. The solution to the crimes of rapes and molestation against the females according to our male dominated society is that; that the females should not cross their lines and they must behave under the predetermined frame of the society, they should keep a check over their dressing sense, they should be wholly covered from head to toe (they should always wear salwar kameez), the way they talk and behaving manner because it is only the females who are responsible to give a boost to such crimes and to provoke and attract the men-folks towards them. And what else we could have expected from the male chauvinists living into the society; who consider others daughters/sisters as an object and their own daughters as goddesses!

 Who is Responsible?

The whole cycle ends up at blaming the females to be responsible for all the issues they are facing, and if not something else then the dressing sense of the females becomes the central reason of rape and molestation against them. “she was wearing very provoking dress; her skirt was too short to provoke any warm-blooded man and that is why she was raped or molested” till the time such kind of mentality would persist in our society and till the time the people would support such disgusted ideas the rate of rapes and molestations would not fall down.

What should be taught to the Males of the society?

Male and females both are vital role players in the society then why the one party is over controlled and the other has no control at all? Instead of changing the mind-set of the girls, expecting them to make all the adjustments and changes in their lifestyles, dressing, attitudes and behaviour why do not we implement strong laws and punishments on the criminals so that it becomes a deterrent for the people who think of committing rapes against women? Instead of teaching the females about the rules and regulations of the society why do not we teach the males that they should also not violate the rules and laws? Respecting the females should be counted as their good conduct; they should be taught that females are living human beings and not an object that might be used to fulfil the sexual desires.

It is the major duty of the parents, teachers and all the related people to teach and guide the boys in their homes to respect the women and to see them as a respectable identity. Education, right guidance and removal of ignorance is a must, males should understand and know this fact that a mere dress has nothing to do with their good intentions if their feelings and perceptions are pure,  and transparent then nothing can disturb, agitate or provoke their state of mind.


  1. Indian values, Indian mindset, Indian society! In the name of all these, we have devoided way too much far from everything when it comes to the choice of clothes for our girls. If we are sentimental enough to decide the length and breadth of her clothes, are we not capable enough to teach our boys to respect them in name of same values? This pricks me to the core, to be honest!


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