Does The TV Make You Gain Weight?

Ever since the television has become a permanent and an integral part of our living rooms, its menace, and the uses have been under the scanner. No matter how far we tend to refuse, but the bitter side effect of this entertainment electronic has been turning the viewers obese. Munching a lot of calories unknowingly and a lifestyle where there is no scope to burn the same calories further adds on to the fat around our tummies. The big question, does the TV make you gain weight? The answer is a big yes! How? Let us see:

Intake of high calories

Be it a good movie or the match of your favorite sport; a daily soap or maybe your favorite cartoon, good snacks are the best partner in all of these! Potato chips, chocolates, oily snacks, pizza, burger and many such food items which are high on calories are intaken to add on to the fun. We all know that sitting in front of our tv, hands are jobless and certainly the food suits the taste buds. Ultimately, we end up eating more than the usual and this is where the trouble is at home! Indirectly, you just welcomed the excess of fats on your body.


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Deviation from exercise

One of the electronic inventions that have made human race lazier is the invention of the television. Since the hours spend watching tv creates an addiction towards it, people generally deviate from going to exercise. So this is the double trouble you welcomed yourself for your body? On one hand, you pushed yourself to the intake of loads of calories as mentioned above while you refuse to burn them on the other hand. Thus, this extra amount of calorific heat sticks to your body as fats! Congratulations, You just did a big damage to yourself in a long run!

Disrupted sleep cycle

Call it the addiction of your fav tv series or just the effect of ‘idiot box’ on your mind, you tend to ignore the sleep and turn to the tv in return. This results into inadequate sleep and a disrupted sleep cycle. Guess what? Sleep deprived people are more prone to obesity and turning fat earlier than their counterparts. Yes, a scientific study proved this!

Now, if you are the one who prioritize watching your set of serials or the seasons, it is a wake-up call! It is the time for you to think and be selfish for your own body.

Improper chewing of the food

When the intake of high calories was seemingly disastrous, this food reaching the stomach without proper treatment from the mouth head adds to the trouble. Since you are busy watching television and are engraved into the emotions of the scenes on your screen, you gulp in the food without chewing it properly. This burdens your esophagus, stomach, intestine and complete digestive tract. Hence, the food is not digested properly as the link breaks in the starting itself. Thus making you fat than ever before.

It is the time for you to reconcile. Never ever eat while watching TV and properly chew your food. Do not skip your exercise and sleep in the name of your favorite channels. Remember, you must be your favorite first and then everything else ranks on the priority list.


  1. One of the present day inventions that have lost the essence is our very own ‘idiot box’. It is not just responsible for gaining weight but also acts as a source of deviation. The intake of unnecessary snacks, calories and not going for the exercise is something that is set to make its viewers nothing less than a couch potato. It is high time where we settle our priorities and work upon them with a planned strategy.


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