Your Dreams or your Parents’: What to follow?

The youth often reaches a point where they don’t know whether they should live life on their own terms or follow their parents’ dreams. Confused between the life they want to lead and the one their parents want them to lead, the youth lands up in a dilemma and gives up on their own aspirations. They do this because this seems like the right thing to do, they feel the parents have more experience in life and that is why, choosing the path that their parents have chosen for them will be better.

Follow yourr Dreams Children

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What they all miss in the hindsight is that later, when things are not so good, they will start blaming their parents for being too interfering and not letting them do what they wanted to. They will hate life for not turning out the way they always wanted it to. Giving up on their aspirations is one thing that comes back to hit them much later in life. And that is why it is better for the youth to follow their own dreams, always.

Passion and drive 

The youth has a habit of responding to instincts and that is how it starts. Instincts are the purest way of reacting to a scenario and that is why when the young feel they need something, they will do all that is in their power to achieve that. They will listen to their heart, they will become more responsible, hardworking and focused in order to get what they want in life. This passion and drive may be missing if they’re working towards somebody else’s dreams.

Taking the onus

Following one’s own dreams teaches a person a lot. And that is why when the young work towards their own dreams, they become more sure about themselves. They naturally learn to take the onus of their actions and fight with fire when they feel their dreams and their life is in danger. This is the most natural process of growing up into responsible adults. However, when parents tell their children what to do with their lives, they stop the child from getting into danger and inhibit his/her natural growth into responsible adults.

Well – informed

When it comes to living a successful life and following your dreams, half knowledge never helps. And the zeal to know more comes only with interest and passion. When the young follow their own dreams, they feel the need to know more, to do better and to break all the barriers. On the contrary, when they youth is forced to follow their parents’ dreams, they do so half-heartedly, not knowing what real passion and the taste of success feels like.

Confident adults

Following their own dreams helps the youth to become confident and independent adults. They have the decision making abilities and leadership qualities. They know that their every action is being counted and they will all collectively lead to their success or failure, and that is why they strategize and plan well in advance. All this becomes a part of their personality and make them confident as adults. They don’t talk through their hat, they respect hard-work and determination and they are true to their goals.

In the end, I believe, it is almost imperative that the youngsters should follow their own dreams because that will not only decide their destiny but will also shape up their personality. Letting the children figure out what they want from life on their own is the best gift parents can give to their child. Just guide them wherever necessary and they will take care of the rest. The young will make sure they become the best version of themselves.


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