Drug Addiction and Youth in India

Drug addiction is one such serious and disastrous problem that has trapped the young generation of our country rigorously, today if we see the statistics; most of the teenagers in the early age of 17-20years have been found to be seriously addicted to the unethical substance abuse or drug addiction and these have been mostly are the college and even school going young students. Even the unprivileged and poor children have also been found to be involved in drug abuse/addiction. This has been posed as a hazardous issue in front of the Indian government because the young generation is the potential power for the future of the country and if their current lives are drowned under such addictions then the future of the nation would certainly turn into dark. This is indeed a serious matter for the Indian society as well, and this matter should be resolved with collective efforts of the people of the society.
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The present scenario of the society has been entirely changed than the earlier times, now in the urban areas the families are getting nuclear both the parents are working thus they are unable to give a qualitative time to their kids, importance and faith in moral values have also been reduced in the families, elders are getting neglected, children most of the times look out of their homes for someone to share and express themselves and this also sometimes leads them to involve in the wrong peer groups. Communication, interaction, understanding among the family members is reducing gradually and moreover the modern education system also has posed a lot of pressure on the students, among the poor families due to sheer poverty parents and children all are indulged in earning for livelihood, there is no money and time to attain education and thus illiteracy leads to the involvement in unethical actions and bad company of friends. In such conditions youngsters feel truly alienated; they lose their wisdom and want to get rid of their anxieties, tensions and depression that ultimately shows them the way to drugs or substance abuse. They believe that drugs make them forget all their tensions and pressures and make them feel free and devoid of any turmoil, they rather feel better in the numbness caused by the drugs than bearing any tension due to their practical lives.
One might does not realize at the early stage that when the usage of drugs might turn into an addiction and the moment it becomes an addiction it is very late thus, the parents, elders and friends should always be careful and alert when they observe the following symptoms in any of their known youngster/child:
  1. Carelessness, reduced interest in studies or work, reduced interaction/communication with others, loss of interest in physical or recreational activities at school/college/workplace/home.
  2. Constant fatigue, irritation, involved in fights, arguments.
  3. Gives a sense of becoming a different person probably a pessimistic.
  4. Get involves in unethical and illegal activities like stealing money, accidents.
  5. Sudden loss of interest in life, appetite, loss of body weight.
  6. Sudden sweating and increased sleeping time.
When drugs, become an addiction for a person however it is extremely tough to get rid of it but it is not impossible either, with the constant help, motivation and guidance of the parents, family, friends, counsellors/Rehabilitators/Doctors and with the personal will power of the addicted person; drug addiction can be rectified. Although a pre-check or precautions are always essential to be taken so that the youngsters do not even think to get indulged in drug abuse, home is a foremost place where a personality is being brought up and the family is best supporter and the guide for a young child. If the parents try to create an open and a harmonious relationship with the young children of the family then there are less chances of distraction and unethical involvement of the children. But at the later stage when the child has already gone on a wrong path, the responsibility of the family and the parents; increases double. So, let us now, precisely see what solutions can be implemented in order to help the addicted youngster to get rid of his/her addiction for drugs:
  1. Personal Will is a must: to get rid of the drug addiction a personal will is required, until unless the addicted person does not realize that a blunder has been done with his/her life and life should be brought back on the right path, no one else would be able to help that person.
  2. Family and Friends should be Supportive and Compassionate: family members should be compassionate and supportive to the person with drug addiction. With love, care and motivation of the parents and the other family members it would be easier for the addicted youngster to get rid of the addiction. Parents, and close friends should listen to the person with patience and give an affectionate help.
  3. Professional Help is required:  doctors, counsellor or rehabilitators should be consulted in order to help the addicted person because they can assist him/her in a more profound way. There should not be any hesitation in explaining the problem to the doctor/counsellor.
Drug addiction is a curse for any person because it not only spoils but destroys a life. Youngsters are innocent and they thoroughly need a right guidance, moral education and a healthy environment at their homes, schools and workplace. Parents, teachers and elders should always be empathetic and communicative with the youngsters so that they can easily talk out their issues and feelings, all they need is a good listener and a guide who can hold their hands and show them the right path. If the youngsters are secured and they know that they have some trustworthy people in their lives with whom they can freely express their feelings and problems then there is no scope for any wrong way to intervene in their minds and life.


  1. Being the youngest of all the nations in the world, it is a matter of pride for all of us. But, at the same time, if something that needs our utmost attention is the grooming of this youth. Most of the educational institutes, coaching cities and even the small towns are under the grip of chain supply of drugs. Point is, have our system been this week to let the incoming of this sweet poison? Are we ready to handle a bunch of intoxicated human being?


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