Education Abroad — What Are the Different USA Visas & Why Do You Need to Know About Them

Planning to go and study in the States? Keen on going to the ‘Land of Opportunity’ and making it? Splendid! But before you go haring after the American Dream, make sure you’ve done your research so that you can maximize your chances of success and make sure that your efforts pay off. Because moving to a new country isn’t easy, and immigration needs your paperwork to be in perfect order. So before you begin your journey as a student and move to American land, make sure you know about all the different Visas you will need – both now and in the future – to make the process a smooth one.

USA visa

Here’s a list of the important US Visas that will help you do that:

F-1 Visa:

The most common student visa is the F-1 visa, and it is one which you absolutely need if you want to study in a top college or accredited US University, or even a private school or program.

In fact, you will also require this visa if the study hours of your course exceed 18 hours a week.

Most students going from India to the USA to pursue a Masters typically go on an F-1 Visa.

M-1 Visa

The M-1 Visa is needed if you are going to the States for vocational, technical studying (non-academic), or for training purposes. It gives the person the right to choose whether they want to work on campus or not.

H1B1 Visa

The H1B1 Visa is possibly the most important Visa for anyone looking to permanently relocate to the States. Basically, it grants you the right to hold a full-time job and work in America. It gives you the same rights as anyone else working in the US on work visas.

The demand for this Visa is extremely high, and in recent years, due to high demand and low supply, the US government has started a lottery wherein all the applicants who have gotten a job sponsored by their employers are considered for this Visa. After all the hard work of finding and getting a job, the lottery works entirely on luck and takes place once a year.

Every year 85,000 H1B1 Visas are available, but the number of candidates applying can differ – This year there were 3 Lakh applicants.

J-1 Visa

If you are going to the US on an exchange program, be it work-exchange or study-exchange, the J-1 Visa is the one for you. It operates under the 1961 Fulbright-Hays Act.

There are many more US Visas, almost as many as there are letters in the alphabet, but these are the important ones that you must know as a student.

OPT Period

Beyond that, you should also know about the Optional Training Period (OPT Period), which gives you right to work and practice your profession for a year after completing your Masters in the States (You get 2+1 year if you are a student from the STEM field).

Beyond that, remember to apply on time, since these applications are processed at their own speed by the governments.

Note : Please Visit official website to know the difference and exact information.

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