How to Research a Company You Want to Work for

Anyone and everyone who is looking for a job should master the skill of research first. Nowadays, the internet has made information easier to access. You are just a mouse click away from knowing about anything in the world. Job seekers everywhere should make the most of this and research the company they want to work for. There are a lot of things that will come to your knowledge only when you learn to research well. Researching a company that you want to work for is a step by step process. Knowing the steps right makes the process easier. Being well informed about the company also gives you an edge during the interview.

Identify the company

The first step of the process is to identify the company or companies that you wish to be a part of. For this, you need to list the companies where you wish to work and would require your services. Once you have identified the names, you need to research on the role you are applying for. Personalize your cover letter based on the requirements of the role you are applying for. Once you get through the initial screening process and get a call for an interview, it is time to read about the company in detail.

Company website

The company website is the most legit place to start your research with. You will get any general information that you could be looking for. You will learn about the history and the products and services offered from the company website itself. The idea is to know everything about the company and how it is doing at present. The company website will give you just the information that you need.


Only people who are working for the company or have worked for the company in the past will be able to give you first-hand information on how it is to work there. You would have to consider things like work culture, prospect of growth, benefits and overall job satisfaction. You might identify these people through the professional networking you have done till now or through various online forums. A little bit of asking around can easily help you identify at least one or two people who could give you valuable information about the company you wish to work for.

News / Public Records

Go on the internet and find out if the company has been in the news. With a few relevant keywords, it should not be difficult at all. Other than that, you always have trade magazines and other resources that you can refer to. This will serve you well because you will also pick up on the industry news and know about the competitors.


All the steps mentioned above are crucial before you walk into the interview. Your potential employers might test your knowledge on the company that you have gone to interview for. Being well equipped with company and industry news will help you earn brownie points. The interview is also a great place to know more about the company. Not only do you get a first-hand experience of the place you might be working for, you also get to ask direct questions to the people concerned. It is standard procedure to ask interviewees if they have any questions. Never let this opportunity go and put forward any query that you might have. Your questions will only get you one step closer to bagging the job.

When you learn how to research the companies well, you also come across better opportunities and know how to direct your career in the right direction.


  1. After being in the corporate core for a while, I will like to advise the young people looking for the jobs to ensure the fine research before sitting for an interview in any company. You must read about not just the latest happenings of the company but also turn to 4-5 pages of the google. This will leave an impression that you have been following the same for quite a while now. Trust me, this impresses the interviewer.


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