Education has become a profitable business in India

Education is that medium to create the human out of a man. It is considered to be an element that empowers the human race to sustain the life. The education sector has evolved over the years. From traditional Gurukuls to present day classes in modern architecture buildings, the change is quite evident.

One thing that pricks the conscience of any concerned person is the business involved in the field. The education has now become a profitable business with the involvement of the business parties in this sector.

Education Business in India

Let us discuss the solutions to maintain the essence of education. What are the possible solutions to minimize the high cost of education?

The ideas that can curb the problem have two parties involved. One, the government and second be the parents or the guardian.


If we talk about the government, in a democracy it is the center of the power. As and when required it can exercise the same power to keep a check on the wrongs of the business minds in the industry of education.

Government policies

First thing first, the government should introduce the bill to keep a check on the inflow of the money in the business. The amount of the tuition fee and other charges must be decided. Further, a proper check on the fees being charged from the students and their parents must be imposed.

Raising the quality of the government institutions

One of the prime reasons that drift the students to private business oriented institutes is the degrading quality of the existing government or the aided institutes. The privatization of the education is on a rise because of the lack of the alternatives. The government is supposed to raise the standard of the education and the proper infrastructure must be developed.

Parent or the guardian

If the government is up for the implementation of the ideas, the guardians are the people who have to execute the same. In this vow, the role and the responsibility of the student and their guardians are equal to that of the government.

Say no to donation

The present day situation is that not everyone can enter a government institute. To have the immediate effects, parents, and the guardians must refuse to pay the donation or the token amount. If we all refuse to pay the donation the change will be quite evident right from the first day of the movement.

Promote talent based education

The latest enrollment statistics clearly convey that more students are enrolling in the courses of engineering and medical against their will. This is based less on the choice and more on the reputation among the relatives and the peer group. Further, it has given a rise to costly education. Every child is a unique human and we all need to understand this fact. Thus, they must be allowed to pursue the courses of their choice and talent.

The above-mentioned ideas can be implemented with a no hustle and can give the immediate results. Be a responsible citizen and think of the nation as a whole.


  1. Be it inflation or the recession, students are ought to learn. For this, the business of the educational institutes is bound to see a new high. However, this has been taken as an opportunity to make the lump some money. Degrading status of the government education, this has further taken a dig. It is thus necessary that the government steps ahead and take the initiatives enough to improve the educational status in the country.

  2. I strongly agree with you, Education has become a great business for many and now Education are rich man’s playground. Average income family suffer due to lot of fees a school require from them.


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