Why Encouraging the Child to Think for Herself the Best Gift?

Most of you are either mothers or about to become mothers. The thought of bringing up a child in itself is a thought of responsibility. Encouraging the child to think right from the beginning would sow the seeds of independence and long term sustainability right from the beginning for the optimum growth and strength of the child.

Encouraging the Child

Parents have had the responsibility to take care of their children till they become adults since times antedate. Greek and Hindu mythology adduce this fact. It was only when Chandragupta Maurya turned of age that he was handed over the responsibility of the Magadh empire.  However, in the present day the methodology has changed. Today, the purpose is to not to present everything on the plate but to make them work for it. Today, the belief: “Child is the father of man” is followed.

Though children are sent to schools to enable them to learn, you cannot discount the role of parents because it is the parents that the child trusts the most. Therefore, it becomes the duty of the parent to provide him a strong base from where to grow independent.

The need for this is to make the child self-sufficient. While trying to find answers, the child should be able to know the direction in which to go and the resources that should be tapped. This will also enable the child to  make mistakes and learn from them on her own. Hence, the initial guidance is of utmost importance because of its influence later on.

It will also help the child instil self-confidence in herself. Over time, the child will be able to build a healthy confidence in her abilities while being aware of her weaknesses. You should not underestimate the importance of even the smallest of acts that help in building self-confidence. A confident body comes with a confident mind!

Along with a confident mind will come a healthy self-belief. If the child is not told constantly what is good and what is bad, what to do and what not to do to; the child will feel more accepted and validated. Consequently, he will believe in his perception and this will go a long way in developing a strong personality.

Such a base would sow the seeds of a sound and thinking mind right from the beginning. It will result in the child to grow into a good and educated person. Such a person would be able to choose his peers wisely right from the childhood (hopefully!)

Such an approach will also help the child in learning her subjects in a better way. It will enable the child to over-step the boundary that divides the bookish knowledge and the practical world. This will happen as the child will begin to find the reason for whatever he is learning.

Though the ‘Nature versus Nurture’ debate has not been resolved, you cannot not do your bit in nurturing the child and providing her the appropriate direction thereby making encouraging the child to think the best gift that you can bestow upon her.


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