Fashion Tips Every Girl Should Know

A complete woman is definitely aware of fashion. But sometimes the women go haywire in thier fasion sense. So! A woman must know a few fashion fundas to become an absolute STUNNER!

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1. The first and the most important is to know your body type! A plump, or lean, tall or short, broad or slender, one must know as to what styles and patterns would suit them.

2. When you wear jeans or trousers, your panty line or your panty tape (The upper border) MUST not be visible.

3. To create more volume to your hair, bend forward, pull your hair down, comb them towards the length and flip em right up!

4. Now to make your eye-lashes look longer and thicker, use 3-4 coats of mascara followed by the eye-curler. If still not satisfied, use a the flase lashes!

5. Make your eyebrows look thicker and fuller by using an eyebrow pencil. If not an eyebrow pencil, just use a Kohl (Black) eye shadow applied with a thin brush.

6. ALWAYS wear a beige color panty under a white lower because no matter how thick the material of the lower is, a different colored panty will always be visible.

Whenever going for boot-cut jeans, always wear high heels! It’ll enhance the length of your legs.


7. Well manicured hands! Right from a home-maker to an entrepreneur to a business woman to a woman in any field, hands play a very vital role. The neat hands, are beautiful hands which also, FYI, depict your hygiene.


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A watch is a MUST HAVE for every woman. No matter what attire you wear, it’ll look super smart.

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9. Buy a very WELL FIT BRA! Girlies! Whenever you go out buying bras for yourselves, make sure that your boobs are not popping out and your nipples are not protruding! Always remember, A WELL BRA, MEANS A WELL FIT OUTFIT.

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10. The 2 essential colors of a bag are Black as well as Tan. Both these colors are universal and can go well with each and every outfit!

11. A white shirt, blue jeans and black trousers are a MUST! Nobody can go wrong with this amazing combo!

12. As far as the footwear is concerned, Black heels and Tan heels should be present in your wadrobe! And also, a pair of cute ballerinas!

A black as well as tan colored belt!


13. If you are heavy on your mid-riff, avoid wearing low-waisters as it will protrude the belly even more and the shape of your booty will get distorted which will eventually destroy your figure. Moreover, low-waisters are not suggested as most of the girls are not able to carry it. (Reveals their butt-crack.)

14. The SELF CONFIDENCE! The Show Stopper! So girlies! If you own this badass confidence, “Toh tera hi JALWA!” Nothing is going to stop you from looking effortlessly fabulous! So let your magic work!

So these were some of the fashion tips EACH woman must know in order to make those heads turn! Have all of these tips ‘n’ tricks settled in your mind and GET GORGEOUS!


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