Gender Equality Issues in India

From the Cadbury ad which aimlessly stereotypes the genders, to the girl who gave it back to a man who tried to step all over her by asking if her genitals were in place, we have broken all records of making news out of absolutely nothing. I understand that being in a country like ours, everyday is a struggle. We want to feel empowered, we want to feel that we are here to spearhead a new movement for equality, but is this helping in any way at all? Is the goal of gender equality being met by fishing for sparks which could light a controversy? Feminists are turning into feminazis (whatever that is!) and men are turning into meninists (yes, that is a term!), but the situation is probably becoming worse.

Just the remind everybody, it was never the battle of the sexes, it was an effort to push gender equity. It was not supposed to mean that men are wrong, or bad, or try to suppress women, because men are not doing that, probably we are doing that to ourselves.

What went wrong in the fight for gender equality?

Fighting for the rights – Well, some people took the word ‘fight’ too literally. Going and ranting about the fact that you are a woman, and you don’t enjoy as much freedom as men do is not going to help you anyway. In most cases the rights are taken away by you yourself, you don’t allow yourself to do most of the things because there is a constant nagging you in your head that you are a girl and girls should probably not do something like this.

Women live by the rape schedule – No, I did not just come up with it randomly, we have let the fear of rape govern our lives. We design our lives around a safety measure, we always think about being safe all the time. We learn martial arts because we want to learn the art of self defense, we don’t go out late because we think we aren’t safe. The problem is that the fear is so deeply embedded in our minds that we feel that if god forbid anything happens then we will have absolutely no control over it. We are a victim even without actually being one.

Reservations – Equality doesn’t mean having reservations in buses, trains, queues or anywhere for that matter. Just to clarify, if we are looking to be equal to men, then why can’t we travel in the general compartment of a local train? Why do women ask for reservations which only prove that they are the weaker sex?

Outburst of emotions – Sick of the obligations set by the society, we have started seeing this outburst of emotions when anybody even touches the topic of gender equality. The men today are as clueless about those obligations as you, so I don’t think men should be blamed for every little thing. Just because you want to prove your worth, it doesn’t mean you start degrading the efforts or actions of the other sex.

Let’s try and set things right!

Not everything can be handled in the spur of the heated moment. Some battles will take time and you will eventually see triumph, but this is not something that can be done within a day or two.

1. We need to change our mindset and stop thinking that whatever everybody is doing is to merely malign our image.

2. We need to grow stronger. Do whatever it requires- unite, debate, talk politely, shout, but do not let the fear of being a woman overshadow your spirit.

3. Men are not our enemies, they are probably with us in this. What we need to change is the old customs and traditions which do not let us see ourselves in the modern light. Fight the wrong belief, not the opposite sex.

4. Directing your anger in the correct direction will be of great help here, we get angry, but that doesn’t mean that the world is a bad place and that women have always been treated badly. There are nuances to everything, choose your course of action according to its effectiveness.

Gender equality is the burning topic of discussion in every household, office, even country, but we can’t just go and change the world in a day’s time. We require a lot more patience and a stable head to deal with it and make things happen. Let’s try doing it with a new improved approach and soon the victory will be ours.


  1. I find many people misinterpreting the gender equality in their own frame and as per their comfort. Few take it in the name of fake feminism while others try and hit the stereotypes with same. Ladies, it is for you to understand that gender inequality is a problem and a man and a woman is a team against it. Men, take a note to stand by your beautiful girls and make it sure that you are successful in instilling a sense of confidence in them


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