Global Youth Must Unite Against Terrorism – Let’s Fight terror Together

The ongoing crisis is not about India but the entire world, the world is burning and it needs more strength and unity to be able to come out of it. Terrorism is strengthening its hold over the entire globe and people like us have absolutely no clue as to how to help other countries and show them our support. Lately, a new trend has taken over the social media which lets people color their display pictures to show support, but the question here is, is that enough? Will the people in Paris, Beirut, Baghdad and other places know that we are here for their help?

Today, when I talk about the youth, it won’t be only Indian, it would be the global youth, all the youngsters worldwide who have the ability, the strength and the stamina to change what they do not like about the world. I am talking about the youth from the superpowers of the world and the countries which are lagging behind. I am calling out to all the young people across the globe to join hands and save the world from burning down to ashes. I am pleading the youth to unite in the fight against terrorism.

Understand each other – Before understanding the world crisis, it is important to understand each other because we will only be truly united once we know and trust each other. We should realize that not all the people belonging to a particular religion, caste or color are bad or are responsible for the suffering of others. There are people who kill people of the same religion, there are mishappenings taking place in all the corners of the world and when we talk about the fight against terrorism, it is not to save a particular country, it is to save humanity.

Support all the countries – What does fighting for your country even mean in such a situation? How are the other countries who are far less equipped than yours supposed to come out of the crisis? Why should the humans of those countries be left to die when you can help them? And if you do not believe in helping the other countries, don’t you think that maybe it is time to revisit your ethics and principles? How can any religion or any country allow one to see blood being splattered when it can be stopped?

Social media is not the answer – You showing support on social media is no doubt a nobel act, but there should be a way to go beyond that, to provide for the people who are hurt and are suffering. The youth, without worrying about its nationality and religion should probably step beyond the borders and extend help in other ways too. It could be in the form of medicines, education, clothes or actually hunting down the few individuals actually responsible for the catastrophe.

Don’t let a group of men overpower us – They seem strong because they have arms and ammunitions, well think again, we all do. Our countries have invested millions of bucks to procure good artillery, great war tanks, when do you think is the right time to use them? If people are thinking that the current crisis is worse than the world war 2, I am wondering when would be a good time to finally stop doing whatever we all are busy doing and respond?

I agree I am not a fighter or a preacher. I am not somebody who has ever helped a person who is bleeding to death. I am just a writer but the point is to use all your resources to bring the world together and fight for one sole religion that governs us all, humanity.


  1. Terrorism has no religion. It is just a blot on our earth that takes the guard of the religion and kills the humanity ruthlessly. In this scene, the youth of entire world must unite and fight against the same, together. Turning to social media and posting long quotes every now and then without making any significant change on the ground is cowardly! Understand the people of different countries and take help from the government. Trust me, together, we can!


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