A Letter from a Daughter to Her Father on Father’s Day

I had things to do and father’s day was right around the corner. My work schedule and other priorities kept me too occupied. I did not get the time to plan something for you. Consequently, today, I failed to make you feel as special as I wanted you to feel and I promise myself to make it better the next year and the next and the next. I had already wished you at midnight and that should have been suffice.

But my stomach twinged with guilt; I took out a sheet of paper, a red pen and started writing, hoping to make you feel happy.

“Dad, I have been very busy lately and I am sorry that I have not been able to give you any thoughtful present. However, father, I chose this because you have given me a gift that cannot be fathomed and repaid  through money. You deserve something priceless as priceless you are.

You worked hard for this family day in and day out and I will never forget how happy I would get when you would return home with the suitcase in your hand with that tired look on your face which would brighten up when you would see me. You would pick me up and carry me around the house on your shoulders when I was a little child as I would burst into peals of laughter. You made me laugh!

Today, I am far away from you and I do not get to see your happy face when I return from work every evening. I want to tell you dear father that there were times when you were too stressed out and worried. I wish I had been able to assure and ease you out, the way you would do before my exams, before my first day at the job.

You were my first play mate who sat with me to play with my  blocks. You were also my first opponent when I learnt to play cricket. How patiently you must have worked to teach me how to hold a cricket bat!

Till date, you are happier than I am on my birthdays. I wonder how strong you must have be to let me go as it became more and more important for me to celebrate my birthdays with my friends than my family. You have never expected anything in return for whatever you did; you have the heart as infinite as the sky.

I have been so neglectful of you, I am sorry. I am also sorry for not replying timely to your messages and receiving your calls. I am sorry for not being able to make you realize how amazing you are.

Considering how amazing you are; considering how thoughtless I have been in my life; considering how much I relished eating ice-creams with you, I have changed my mind. Not only do I want to make every father’s day special for you but every day.


I wish you a happy life, dear father and not just today. I wish to be your light in your dark days. Happy Father’s Day and I hope you like the present.”


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