Health Tips for Summer

Summers are all about the bright sun, lots of fun and bright colours. With all the fabulous things the season comes with, a lot of health-related issues come along. In case you have to step out in the sun by any chance, the risk doubles up.


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If you are the kind of person who likes to lounge, party and travel in summers, or has to leave the home for work in the sun, then go through the following measures before planning to do so.

Use Sunscreen

Sunburns are the biggest menaces causing problems during the summer season. Weird tan lines, rashes and darkened patches not only affect your health but also the look. To avoid this skin-related issue, use a medicated or normally branded sunscreen. It might be a lotion, cream, spray or gel, but must have a high SPF value. Not only a sunscreen heals and protects your skin, but also hydrates and nourishes it, along with providing protection against skin cancer.

Wear Apt Summer Accessories

Your eyes, skin and hair are at high risk during the summer season, due to direct contact with the sun. To protect them while managing to look attractive, opt for the vast variety of summer accessories available in the market. Wear UV-protection sunglasses, sun-shield hats, scarves and summer gloves for protection from the sun’s direct and harmful rays.

Hydrate Well

Proper hydration is the key to a healthy summer lifestyle. Your best buddy for the season is none other than water. While you are indoors, the intake should be well enough to keep you hydrated, your organs clean and skin glowing. On stepping out in the sun, the consumption of this basic and summer-essential liquid should increase even more. It prevents you from sun strokes, dehydration and decreased energy levels.

Eat Light and Healthy

There is a lot to eat during summers, from seasonal produces to tempting dishes. But that does not mean you gorge upon every thing carelessly, without taking care of your stomach in the long run. While attending events or even being at home, make sure that the food you eat is hygienic, healthy and fresh. Avoid huge quantities of fried and half-cooked stuff, and go for fresh juices, salads and fruits as much as you can.

Do Not Skip Breakfast

It does not matter how careless you are about your eating habits; skipping breakfast during summers is a strict no-no. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day that makes sure that you are fit and charged till the sun sets. If you skip it, you might face dehydration or faint because of overexposure to the harsh sun rays and overall climatic conditions. For a healthy start of the day, consume a protein-rich meal, with eggs, fruits and grains.

Stay Away From Too Much of Intoxication

Fun is something you always need for a break, but over-intoxication during the summer season is not highly advised. If you are stepping out during the day for an event or a day party, then make sure that the alcohol intake is not too high. It leads to excessive perspiration and an urge to urinate frequently, leading to loss of water in your body. If you happen to drink more by any chance, just make sure that it is balanced with apt quantities of water.

By following these simple tips throughout this summer season, you can enjoy it without the exposure to any health risk.


  1. Summers is one of my favorite seasons for I am not supposed to wear layers of the clothes. However, the mercury game in India is going too strong these days and thus, I am thankful for the tips and tricks given in this article. Use of sunscreen and proper hydration are required to beat the heat. At the same time, eating right at the right time is also the key!


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