Should healthy food be made mandatory in schools and College Canteens ?

The importance of the school and the college canteens was never undermined and in the changing times where both the parents are working, it has further increased exponentially. Though we all are well acquainted with the quality of the food served in the canteens! hence, at the same time, over consumption of the junk food by our kids is also an added headache to worry about. Amidst all this, a debate that has surfaced is should healthy foods be made mandatory in the school and college canteens? Is it the time that we campaign to ban the junk food items from the lunch of our children, be it in the school or the college? In our opinion, yes! The healthy food items should be made mandatory in the educational institutes, at the least.


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It is quite evident that all our food choices in the adulthood are determined by the type of food habits we develop as a kid. Most of the human beings spend a major time of the initial years in the school and the college and hence it can be seen as an opportunity. An opportunity to help our children differentiate between the right and the wrong. The school/college canteens have a wide role in the development of the food choices of the students which can be easily diverted towards the healthy food.

In order to expand the domain of the discussion and support our take on this issue, the following points can be considered:

The body growth, mentally and the physically

The human body makes the evident changes on the mental and the physical terms during these years of the education itself. In this situation, one of the facts that we need to keep in mind is to promote what is right! Following the idea, it is a requirement of the hour to serve them the healthy food for consumption. Now, if we maintain the fair taste with the nutritional balance, we can easily achieve our motive. In teenage, the body requirements because of the hormonal imbalance require proper nutritional intake. Mandating the healthy food is a win-win since it ensures both.

Avoid obesity and other diseases

The elaboration on the adverse effects of the junk food on the human bodies is not required. The results are more terrible when the consumer is a child or a young man who is still growing in the physical terms. The obesity is one of the most common known after effects. Replacing junk food with the healthy food from the racks will reduce the cases of the obesity in a short span of time.

Curb the bad economical habits

Out of sight, out of mind is a well-known one-liner and fits aptly in the case of the junk food. It is expensive as compared to the healthy food and hence installing the nutritious food components in the canteens will also check the spending habits of the children. An added advantage!

At the same time, it is your responsibility to make sure that your child knows the difference between the right and the wrong food choices. Lend them a right legacy, ladies and gentlemen!


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