Holistic Education: One Solution to Many Problems of India

Education has a significant role to play in the lives of the human beings, it is not only about becoming literate but it has got a lot more to do with conducting and instructing our attitudes, behaviour and thinking patterns. Education does not only bestow knowledge but it stimulates the human mind and gives it a habit of thinking wisely; and broadly. Education is a much broader term, I think it is far beyond the limited frame in which we describe it and have confided it. Mere acquisition of degrees and skills does not make one educated but if the person is able to distinguish between right and wrong, practical and impractical, ethical and unethical then only the education is supposed to have being used in the right manner. I am basically talking about the holistic education that comes in a complete package and that takes care of the overall improvement of the person. By holistic education I am not indicating towards the curriculum being taught in the schools or colleges/institutions but I am rather referring to the teachings, guidance and suggestions that take care of the moral, social, psychological, emotional, spiritual and creative development of the individual.

Holistic Education

In India we observe few serious factors related to the scenario of education. First of all due to sheer poverty and capitalism a huge percentage of people (including children and youth), is illiterate, they are devoid of education and related facilities, and they cannot afford to go to schools because their whole focus is upon earning their basic livelihood. Due to the absence of education they are ignorant, unaware, and sluggish they completely lack wisdom and knowledge in their lives. Such people are majorly found to be involved in unethical practices and activities they are so moved by wrong and absurd ideologies that they deliriously commit mistakes and crimes.

Holistic Learning

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It is a matter to ponder that the people who commit crimes I must say heinous crimes like rapes, molestation, domestic violence, drugs abuse, child prostitution; they all belong to the backward and illiterate groups of people. They do not have right guidance in their lives nor they have any fear of getting caught and be punished. Had these folks been rightly educated then I think at least they would have some sense of the actions they are committing. And here I think instead of focussing upon the consequences of illiteracy the Government should focus on enhancing the status of education in the country. Education bestows a right direction and gentleness in the human beings but when there is an absence of education in a country the people take no longer to become beasts and haters of each other. Day by day the rate of crimes against women is increasing, corruption, social issues, political issues have trapped the nation and somewhere the lack the holistic education is responsible for all this.

It is not that the people who are educated are just different, the most educated people also are found to be indulged in corruption, dishonesty, bullying, unfair competitions, dirty politics; so what lacks in their case? No matter they possess higher degrees and positions, but the moral and social and psychological parts of their personalities are very weak. They also need right guidance and motivation within their families from the elders and teachers however it is also a fact that they would grasp the suggestions faster than the illiterates. Thus, holistic education should be imparted to all without any distinction but more focus should be given to the people who belong to backward and unprivileged section of people.

Government should take this as a big challenge to make the country illiteracy free in the coming years. More focus should be on improving the lives of the deprived and poor people who cannot afford to avail education, government schools should also be improved; their infrastructure and teachers should be better, teacher selection is very important only devoted and hard-working teachers should be appointed who believe in imparting knowledge and moral lessons to the children, in fact the deprived children should be given some incentives so that even their parents feel motivated to send the children to the school.

The condition of education is not so very good, in fact the gap is increasing; the privileged are getting educated and the unprivileged are completely aliens to education. Poverty should be corrected anyhow so that the attention gets shifted from earning the basic livelihood to earning a good life by getting educated in a holistic manner.


  1. The purpose of education is not just to lend degrees to be hung on the walls but to create a citizen who is accountable to his society. Learning must never be intended at making of the book worms but street smart people. This can be achieved only by a holistic development. It is essential to impart social sense to our students as they learn from their textbooks. The right guidance and active public-government partnership can help us attain this easily!


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