Cars you Drive — ‘What She Thinks’ and ‘What He Thinks’

Once Upon A Time, accessories for men meant a simple wrist watch. That, of course, ain’t the case anymore! As times changed, the man was no longer made simply by the clothes he wore…

…So, what makes him who he is? Several things, to be honest…but a good place to start is the set of wheels he drives. Hence, whatever car he drives – whether it’s a luxury, a necessity, or just a distant dream…it speaks volumes about who he is. Hence, for the 21st century woman who’s looking for her proverbial ‘knight in shining armour,’ she’d better pay attention to the beast he rides. After all, if you wanna decode the man, decode his machine!

P.S. – By the way, just to spice things up, we also asked our gentlemen friends what runs through their heads when a long-legged lass shows up in any of the following cars. After all, we know Adam and Eve are wired differently. Hence, it’s time to look under their hoods.


Personality: The Rolls isn’t just a car, it’s a statement. The men who own a Rolls have already arrived! And like its hood ornament – the Spirit of Ecstasy – the Rolls is for the man who doesn’t need to try too hard.

In Her Mind: “Let me be the woman who rides along with him…”

In His Mind : “Oh man. She’s sexy!!! What body! What colour! What elegance! Now, let’s see what the woman looks like…”


Personality: The man who drives an Audi is what they call the nouveau riche. He, of course, calls himself a leader and the alpha male. [He probably thinks he’s ‘Batman’ and the Audi, his ‘Batmobile’].

In Her Mind : “Well, he’s going to take me for a ride…and that’s probably going to be it. He will never love me as much as he loves his car.”

In His Mind: “She’s modern. She’s rich. She’s successful. But best of all, she’s not co-dependent and won’t go all psycho on me. Man…she’s a god-send.”


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Personality: BMW, famously, expands into ‘Bring More Women’. And the man who drives a BMW knows that. As he tailgates/overtakes the other drivers on the road, he can’t help but feel smug. He smiles as he thinks, ‘I’m in my BMW. I don’t care what car you drive…Move over, bytch…I’m the one in the BMW!”

In Her Mind : “Well, his car makes a statement. Will I become a statement too? What if he turns me into a phrase??!!??”

In His Mind : “She’s got money and good taste…Oh shoot! Where did I keep my wallet now? This chic chick needs wining and dining.”


Personality: Even when young, the men who drive a Mercedes have an ‘old-world’ feel about them. Conservative and performance-oriented, these men will never play the peacock.

In Her Mind: “These men are all about class. I better put away my thongs and send my long black gown for dry-cleaning.”

In His Mind: “Oh, she’ll be as high-maintenance as her car. Let’s see if she’s worth it.”


Personality: The man who drives a Jag is no wolf in sheep’s clothing! He knows who he is and what he wants. Aggressive behind the wheels, he’s all about animalistic primal sex and nothing’s gonna stop him from parking his car in your garage (well, you get the drift).

In Her Mind : “It’s going to be a wild ride. I better pack in extra set of clothes with strong seams.”

In His Mind : “I bet she’s a wild-child. A dominatrix! Maybe, there IS a god after all.”


Personality: The SUV drivers have busy minds and busy lives. They care about the impressions they leave and share a love of driving in their all-terrain vehicles, as they take on roads that mere mortals fear to tread. And they feel happy doing it in an Indian car. [Pun intended]

In Her Mind: “Oh, he’s probably going to want to go camping, hiking, off-roading…But can I live without my makeup and a hot bubble bath?”

In His Mind: “Bloody hell! I bet she can throw a punch…and there’s probably nothing feminine about her.”


Personality: The man’s practical, well-versed with technology, trust-worthy and dependable. He is educated and successful and has probably been voted the ‘Bachelor of the Year’.

In Her Mind : “Well, this man likes performance and steadfastness. He probably won’t put up with my tantrums and PMS. I better join that meditation class soon!”

In His Mind: “Sensible woman. Don’t think she’ll put up with my BS…oh, darn…let me ask her out just the same. What’s the big deal!”

MARUTI 800/Maruti Ritz

Personality: Nothing spells middle-class like the good ol’ Maruti “neighbourhood” car [adding the Suzuki doesn’t make it a ‘COOL’ ride]. The man who drives a small car also carries a small wallet.

In Her Mind: “Whoa! This man’s going to be cheap. I bet he looks at the right side of the menu…And…he probably will want to split the bill.”

In His Mind: “She probably can’t parallel park. I hope she doesn’t ask to drive my car. Then again, she probably won’t. After all, it’s a big boy’s car.”


Personality: Who cares?!?

In Her Mind: “Oh shit! I better run and buy a pair of SKATES – the more respectable four-wheeler!”

In His Mind: Laughter…followed by, “Oh what the hell, I’ll ask her for her number and never let her drive that toy again.”


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