How can brands connect with the youth

Usually every brand has a different story and a different image based on which they have to connect to their target audience. Most of the ad agencies use this approach before they make an advertisement, they think about their target audience and their preferances in life and then focus on one particular insight to grip the audience and sell the product as if it were their first option. Most of the audience usually falls for this trick but the youth has proved to be different. Lately, the brands have realized that to get a hold on the youth they need to go all out and focus on the general behavior and likes and dislikes of the youth to get a hold over it.


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Spot the trend

Whenever a brand gives out the content, it should be youth friendly, the basic ideology of the brand should come out to be supportive and progressive. It should be to the point, research based and insightful. Youth has proved to be an intelligent audience and thus all the advertisement material which is directed at the youth should be carefully laid out. Once you know what the trend has been like, the campaign will be more than just successful.

Quick Pitches

The youth is impulsive and has short attention spans. Thus, all the advertisements directed at younger people should be crisp and crystal clear. The youth would like to get the message in the first 10-15 seconds of an ad or in the first line of the print ad or they might just switch off mentally. Effective sales pitch should always be short and direct.


Facebook and other social networking sites can work wonders if you come up with brilliant ideas to engage with your target audience. Always think about something that people would want to do like the ice bucket challenge, the book challenge. Those ideas spread like wildfire and took the internet by a storm. You need posts that will make people want to comment, you need hashtags and you need activities which will keep people engaged even after 10 minutes of being there.

Interaction and feedback

The more interactive the campaign, the more impact it will have on the audience. You can go crazy on the roads, talk to the crowd, take the brand launch to the people in real an not just on the television. Let the youth feel like a partner in the brand. Let the youth feel like the brand is an extension of themselves and once the campaign has been launched, do not forget to take feedback. The audience will feel important and will feel like a part of the brand. They will feel that their brand cares for them, their needs and their wants. This will make a great brand image in the market.

Brands are made by their audience, so it is more than important to keep the audience happy. The marketing strategy of a brand should be designed after thorough research and should be directed at their target audience in a crisp and clear manner. The audience can make or break a campaign which is why people give a lot of importance to the insight on which the entire campaign is based. However, youth is one segment of the population which has given more than one chances to the brands to make way to their hearts. The youth is intelligent and sharp and thus, believe in smart advertising and brand marketing. After engaging with the youth, a brand can make a marketing strategy which is sure to win the market and become iconic.


  1. The marketing strategy of any brand is a USP to connect with the youth. If you are to connect with any age group, it is for you to find the trend and reach out to them in their own language. Maintain a formal, peaceful and interaction with your customers and spot the trend from the way they talk, walk, wear, eat and how so ever, just do it! Most important part is to work on the feedback.


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