How Can India become a global superpower?

Our nation is one of the fastest growing as well as developing nations. The manpower, the resources, the economy everything is always growing and proceeding towards a better future. In all of this, the greatest role is of the people who are out there and can shape the economy as well as the future of the country, the youth.  If put on the right track, it can become the next global superpower.

What is the role of the youth in making India a superpower?

With their new, innovative ideas, with their strength and tenacity, the youth can perform various things that have never been performed before. India is a storehouse of power, energy and talent. If one uses all three, he/she can contribute to the well-being of the country in multiple ways. The youth has already started producing employment opportunities thanks to the startup spree and the youth has already started focusing on making the nation educated. What youth could probably do now is coordinate with each other, start making strategies that give maximum output so that none of the resources are wasted. The youth needs to participate better in the governance of the country to make it the country of their dreams.

How to make India a superpower  ?

Fix your goals – None of this will work if we work without a goal. Things will come to us slowly but steadily and for that we need to remain focused and not lose track of what we want in the future. Setting up goals like by the year 2020, the country will have a GDP should be over a particular limit, job opportunities should be ample and people going abroad to work should be minimized to a particular number.

Take care of the economy – This is one aspect that should never be ignored, the economy rules everything. It decides whether they next 2-3 years will be good for an individual or not, yes, till that level. The major reason why our economy is not growing at the rate it should be is because not everybody from such a huge population is contributing. Only a certain proportion of the population is contributing to the economy. If more people start contributing and if FDI and the tax policy continues to improve then the economy will grow at tremendous rates.

Building a powerful military – The youth should be pushed to join the military and make India powerful in the defense sector too. India already owns great nuclear weapons and missiles, but only to deter the attackers because India has a no first strike policy. There are still plans of improving in the domain of military weaponry and there are talks of leasing nuclear submarines from Russia and buying combat aircrafts, naval vessels and helicopters from the US. A country is only as strong as its army, we all know what to do.

Social Rights – The country is not seeing too many good examples as far as the topic of social rights goes. With banning of documentaries and various other things, the country is sure to lose its mind at some point because the current regime sounds a little authoritarian. The laws should become a little more flexible and Indians should become a little less sensitive and not fish for controversies all the time.

Relations with other countries – The relations between India and China are warming up though there are still certain tensions, but the scenario is much better than what it used to be. Relations with US have improved significantly under the current political scenario and with travel to other countries within the first year, the current government has taken the status of India’s foreign relations to a new high. Maintain good relations with other countries will only boost our chances of emerging as a super power as it is conducive for the trade growth and other bilateral talks.

Like everything else, making India a global superpower is not a cakewalk, it will take a lot of time, it will be exhausting, but we need to keep pushing ourselves until we reach the point where India needs to be. A single person or the government alone cannot do it, it’s time the common man started taking his responsibilities seriously.


  1. To become a superpower. we need the will more than anything else. We are the youngest country and have the fair resources. But what it lacks is the will power to achieve the most of them. Our youngsters need to step ahead and take the responsibilities with utmost care. The oldies have to play an important role too and transfer their experience to the younger people at the work.


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