How can youth help in fighting against Rape

Yes, it is happening again and we need to show that this is not okay. We need to fight against it, we need to raise our voices and make sure they are heard. We cannot keep losing young girls or boys to rape, thinking that it was their destiny or whatever happened had to happen. Rape happens when a person crosses his/her social boundaries and those people should be sent right back in before they can even think about crossing it. The rules of the country are supposed to be so strict that the mere idea of rape should send shivers down the spine of a person thinking of even touching a girl or a boy without his/her permission.


Thankfully, as a country, we have already reached a point where it is clear that we all want to uproot this problem and make the country safe and secure. The problem, however, still continues to prevail which might be because of uncoordinated action or lack of awareness or even lack of a proper call to action. Let’s figure out how we can ensure that we as the citizens of this country are doing our best to get rid of this social menace called Rape.

Rules :  More than anything else, first and foremost, we need to fight for stringent rules and make sure that they are followed to the T. There cannot be any carelessness when it comes to the safety of the citizens of this country and if the government and the police are unable to make the citizens feel safe then they should actually think about taking a different course of action. Rape is not a normal thing and it cannot keep happening. Castrate rapists, hang them, do whatever you can, just stop rape.

Being aware – Being a citizen doesn’t mean that we only need to tell the police and the government to make the rules stricter, it also means that we need to be more aware about what is happening around us. We need to understand that police cannot be present everywhere so we need to help them by being vigilant and by being ready to help each other in the hour of need. Keep your eyes and ears open and run when you hear the first cry for help.

Spread the word – Make sure the campaign against rape reaches everybody, make sure the entire nation knows what the law says, what it means to be punished for rape. It is only by the word of mouth that the fear of being caught will spread among the people and this fear will help us reduce the number of rapes happening every year. Having a law in place is not the end of it, making people aware of it is equally important.

Apps and other technology – Technology can very well be used in order help a person in danger. It is already being used in most of the cities, but the more the number of users, the more successful it will be and will be reaching all corners of the country. A small notification from a friend in danger can be the call of action. It can make things move faster and the person might get help in time.

The Indian youth can make a lot of changes if they’re willing to go that extra mile. With their talent and different thinking they can make the nation a lot safer and more developed and can get rid of problems like rape completely. With technology, patience and unprejudiced opinion, the youth of this country can take the fight against rape to a whole new level and make the nation clean and pristine.


  1. Youngsters have a vital role to play in all the fields of the social service. Rape being a blot on the Indian society needs further a significance reminder and attention. We must need to study the law first of all thoroughly. Once we are aware of the legal aspects, half the things are settled on the spot. Awareness campaigns and raising the voices on the right platform will also add on to the cause!


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