Ways to Improve Indian Football Team

After failing to register a win in their last five games, the Indian Football team has as usual flattered to deceive. From the coach, to the All India Football Federation(AIFF), it has been a case of expelling hot air without constructive improvements in any form. A dismal performance in Oman which lead to a 3-0 loss against their team where the team played like headless chickens, it’s back to the drawing board once again. Time for the team and federation to put their heads down and think where it all went wrong.

With that in mind, here are a few suggestions which could help the Indian Team improve:

Get a Top Coach

One with International Experience, Unafraid of Speaking his Mind)

Constantine is an average coach who is not good enough to take on the challenge of a country like India, one which has a lot of pitfalls and hurdles. A long term coach is needed, with a vision for the next 5 years, and one willing to tell it how it is, speak his mind and make the relevant demands from the AIFF and Sports Ministry for whatever is needed – be it better pitches, a bigger staff, more training academies, to name a few.

The AIFF should break the bank and convince someone like Zico to manage India. He did wonders for Japan. He could definitely improve our squad.
The NE United coach César Farías did a good job with the Venezuelan National team. Defensively they were very organized and even the likes of Argentina – with Messi – found it hard to break them down.

If all else fails, Ashley Westwood is a good choice of coach as well. He is a young guy full of fresh ideas. Worth a punt.


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A manager plays a pivotal role in football. Tactics & team selections make a massive difference in the end.

Drop Underperforming Players :

Under performers should be dropped immediately. They should go back, grind it out & earn their place in the team. Make them realize the worth of being selected to play for their nation and make them put in an equivalent amount of effort to do their best!

Play Youth

The team’s aim should be to qualify for and play in the AFC Cup regularly. The World Cup is too far-fetched a dream for now. As of now, it looks like we won’t even make it to the AFC Cup in 2019.

The management and fans should all be realistic and start with baby steps instead of hoping for a miracle. Blooding young players is a good step in the right direction, one which must be taken. They may fail now but will learn & repay the faith shown in them in the future. The German Captain, Phillip Lahm, left his spot in the team after winning the World Cup so that they get enough time to blood new players for the Euros and the next World Cup.

Grass root level Infrastructure and Facilities :

AIFF should and must pump more and more money in the world’s most popular sport. The Sports Ministry Must step up. Wales took serious steps towards football development in 2010 under the late Gary Speed and are reaping the rewards now – from being out of the top 100, they are now in the world’s top 10, having beaten the likes of Belgium on their way to the top. Follow such blueprints to success!

Regular Friendlies Matches

Last but not the least the national team must play more & more friendlies that too against Top 100 teams so that they can learn from the better teams. National team camps should be longer & more rigorous.

No matter what we must keep supporting our team and continuously question the AIFF and the Sports Ministry, and hold them accountable for the stagnancy.

Back the Blue.


  1. Indian football just needs the right guidance and the result-oriented administration. We already have the talented youngsters who are ready to give their all for the game. First thing first, get the right man to coach our people. Getting a motivated top coach is half the battle won for ourselves. That apart, it is necessary to appreciate the merit. There is no harm in dropping the experienced players who are not performing. Work on the facilities and we are ther!


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