How can Youth Fight for Equality ?

The youth, the pillars of the Indian society, the harbingers of hope and courage, the leaders of tomorrow can help the country in its fight for equal rights in multiple ways. Passing on the wisdom that they have when it comes to justice and equality will help the country in not only being fair but also in being prosperous and progressive. The current generation focuses more on the people and their worth and this something that the older generation could learn. Fighting for equal rights is actually not a real fight, it is something that should have been present in the society always. Somewhere along the way, we forgot what freedom, equality and justice actually means and that is why we need to tackle these woes now, in the time of crisis.

Voicing your opinions – The easiest way for the youth to fight for equal rights is to voice their opinions, have the conviction and go ahead to feed some sense into people’s brains. No human being can ever deny the right to equality to any other human being ever, and that is the law of nature and nobody can discard it. Human beings were created equal and they will always be.

Take to the social media – Seeing how effective it has claimed to be lately, the social media could be used to fight for equal rights. The social media has proved that it is a platform for free people where they can put forth their views, come together to fight for or against something and also, get more information regarding anything they weren’t very sure of. The social media will be more effective because it is faster and it has the strength to reach a great number of people.

Plays, art, other social tools – The youth could put to use their talent to show people the real picture of the society. The society needs to know that there are various bubbles which need to burst right now, because we cannot afford to live in our dreamland anymore. We need to wake up to the reality and if we don’t like what we see, we should change it. A subtle but strong message can be given through art which will motivate people to take this fight further and will also tell them that they don’t reserve the pleasure of denying anybody their right!

Join the politics – By joining the politics, one will have at least some control over the current scenario and if one has the courage, they could go ahead and change the scenario. This obviously cannot happen if one person goes ahead and takes up politics, it has to be several people with similar thinking and people who actually have a bigger picture in mind and not just their own selfish interests. Encouraging and motivating the youth of today is not a big task, just show them what you are doing is right and they will be there to support you.

Equal rights is not a concept of a Utopian society, it is something which should have been prevalent since the beginning. Considering we all know the plight of the people who have seen the freedom struggle, there should absolutely be no prejudice while dealing with any class, gender or creed in the society. The only way to change the society is to change self, a lot of people might think that that will bring no good but every individual matters. And what matters even more is if you have the strength to encourage and influence several more. Let it become a chain reaction, a ripple effect and don’t let it rest until you have achieved what you had set out to do.


  1. Equality is the basic right given to us by the bible of Indian law, constitution. It is thus our right to fight for the equality and justice. If you feel you are being denied of the right you deserve, you must fight for it. Launch an online portal and assure that it reaches to the maximum people. Stage the plays, dharnas and voice your opinion in a peaceful manner. You will be heard, at least start to take your own vote.


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