How can Youth help in keeping the Indian traditions alive

The first thing that comes to one’s mind when they talk about a nation like India is its traditions and the culture. India is what it is because it has a rich culture and the traditions followed by its population are famous worldwide. India also has a major fan following because of the exact same reason, many people visit India to be a part of these traditions and take them back with them to their part of the world.


The youth, an important part of the nation, will soon be seen as the torch bearer. Youth will be blessed with the responsibility of taking the Indian traditions forward so that they can be carried on for generations to come and this is where the youth may need some help. The youth of our country is often regarded as modern and detached but this is something that can change the impression about the youth forever, and the communication gap between the youth and the rest of the generations will narrow down.

Participate in the festivities

Living up to the Indian tradition is no easy thing, one has to keep in mind the various cultures and rituals and the beliefs in mind and then take a step forward. Hence, it is of great importance that the youth becomes a part of the festivities so that they get a clear idea of how things work in the traditional Indian system. They should know the relevance of the traditions and then should be able to believe and follow them.

Believe in their country

It is imperative that the youth has a strong belief in the culture and the traditions of the country which will come only once they see the relevance of things. It is something that cannot be forced so the youth should take out time and find out the reason behind various traditions and then they should follow and take forwards whatever seems right and sensible to them.

Segregate the real and the spam

There are various traditions that were not a part of the original Indian culture, but got developed just as a means of convenience. The youth should use its judgement and do away with the traditions which are absolutely absurd and have no connection whatsoever with the Indian culture. Such traditions should be left behind and only the ones which show how rich the Indian culture and lifestyle is should be taken ahead and passed on to the next generation.

Be proud of the being an Indian

India is clearly one of the richest countries in the world when it comes to culture, the youth should understand this and be ready to protect this image. This image is exactly what makes India what it is today and it gives the citizens of this country all the reason to be proud. To start with, one should know the reason behind the culture and the traditions, one should follow them from the core of their heart and protect them, and be proud of the legacy they are a part of.

India has often made its citizens proud because of the rich culture it offers to the world and the citizens of this country are respected all over the world because of their lineage. Thus, in order to protect the image that Indians enjoy all over the world, youth should make an effort and be a part of this culture and carry on the traditions for as long as they can. This will not only make them a proud Indian but will also make them feel more connected to their motherland. Also, this will help India in retaining its position as a culturally rich country at a global level. I think we all owe our nation at least this much.


  1. Youth can keep the Indian traditions alive by simply living them. If you are to endorse any brand, you wear it and show it off! This is all that is necessary here as well. All you are required to do is to wear your traditions like you own them. That is you need to practice the same every now and then to let other people know about it!


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