How Can Youth Violence Be Prevented ?

Not very often, but there will be times when you would find the youth indulged in a deadly fight or in violent activities. And so that such things do not become a common thing for the youth, the sooner we cater to these problems, the better it will be for all of us. The idea that violence can help us get our way or could help us get out of a problem is probably the biggest misconception we live with. Violence has never or will never be of any use to the mankind, it only breeds hatred and disbelief in everybody’s minds and separates people who would otherwise be living in pure harmony.

In order to distance the youth from the idea of violence, the older generation will have to step forward. The destiny of the younger generation, up to a great extent, is in the hands of the older people and to show them the right path of problem solving and issue handling can be done only by people who have great experience.

youth violence prevention

The Atmosphere at Home – If you think that the youth can conveniently ignore the atmosphere they see at home, then you are badly mistaken. The youth very much takes after their parents and often become a shadow of what their parents are. So, it is quite simple that if the youth has seen a lot of violence at home, then they will resort to violent measures to get out of a problem. Thus, it is the duty of the parents and the family members to provide the right atmosphere for the kid at home while they are growing up.

Community Violence – We need people who could work on this in the community, we could go to the NGOs who could send their volunteers or we could volunteer ourselves. Nobody likes their kids getting involved in fights, so awareness at community level becomes really important. Portraying violence as a social evil will help in getting this idea out of the heads of the youth.

School, Colleges and other Institutes – We could also promote prevention of violence in educational and other institutes where the youth would be our main audience. Youth will always get affected by bad examples and drastic outcomes of violence and would choose to settle a problem via peaceful measures. We could also try doing certain social activities like plays, etc, which could give out a strong message against violence.

Deglamourize the idea of violence – After looking at certain movies or shows, kids might get into the impression that fighting during college and afterwards will show that they are stronger than their opponent. We need to deglamourize the idea of fights, violence and getting your way by physically manhandling a person. The youth needs to be taught better ways of dealing with people and should be discouraged from fighting. At the end of the day, we don’t want our younger generation to turn out to be hooligans.

The youth is young and impressionable, we could make or break their faith in humanity and put them on the right life path. The youth also needs some guidance in knowing where exactly they go wrong when they choose violence over other sensible ways of dealing with problems. Absorbing everything that is taking place around them, it becomes difficult for the youth to filter the wrong from the right. Telling them how to do it and when to do it will be of great help. Save your kid’s future by discussing things with them, by telling them that you don’t want them to make the same mistakes you once did, and by picking them up whenever they fall.


  1. Violence is overrated, to be honest! People indulge in it because it is considered to be cool and also attracts a few! However, this glamour is just for the name sake. There is nothing cool about violence, It harms both the parties indulged. Along with this, to minimize the cases of the violence, we shall encourage the youth to follow yoga. It will help them concentrate and control the mind. Why? Because “yoga se hi hoga”


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