How does Company Culture Impact Employees

An organization’s culture is what truly defines it. Work culture goes beyond products, sales, services, ratings and how much profit the company is making. In today’s high pressure job scenario, having a good culture at workplace is sacrosanct. Good working environment means good productivity of employees and better output for the company. We often hear about giant corporations that are paying a bomb and minting money; yet they cannot seem to retain their employees. Why does that happen? It is because beyond a point no one wants to go back to a workplace that, least of all, cannot ensure peace of mind.


Let us try and identify the different signs of a healthy workplace and how it impacts the employees.

A company with good work culture is where :

Employees have Good Working Relationship – Companies that discourage their employees from getting involved in work politics and treat all employees as equals will have their employees sharing good professional relationship.

Employers Encourage Ideas – For any company to grow and thrive it is important that ideation is encouraged from all quarters. Companies where employers are approachable and open to discussions see higher employee satisfaction rates.

Employees are Appreciated – A good company is identified by how well the employees are appreciated. Getting appreciated by superiors and having good leaders driving different teams is important. No one wants to give in their best to any job that is thankless.

Policies are Employee Friendly – Companies where the policies and guidelines have been decided to benefit the cause of employees are always the ones where employees stick around. However, professionalism and discipline should not be compromised at any cost.

For employees, good work culture means :

Better Performance – It is difficult to find the ideal workplace. Studies have shown that employees perform well in companies with good work culture. Employee satisfaction directly impacts the performance of the company and vice versa.

Better Growth – People work hard to grow professionally. A company with good work culture will allow its employees the space and opportunity to grow. No one wants stagnation in professional life. Frequent job hopping reflects poorly on an employee’s resume. A good company will allow overall professional growth, thereby encouraging employees to stay on.

Peace of Mind – No one wants to go back to work every single day knowing that the environment there would be toxic. It is important that amidst all the work pressure and need to perform well, employees find their work place peaceful. One can work extremely hard and still be at peace if the workplace environment is ideal.

Good Health – Employee satisfaction can be directly linked to the health of the employees. It is a known fact that companies with good work environment have healthier employees as opposed to companies where employees aren’t happy.

Happier Personal Lives – Employees who are happy at work will invariably have happier personal lives.

Sadly, a lot of companies forget to identify the importance of maintaining a healthy work culture. Employees get trapped in the corporate grind and keep feeling dejected and unhappy. Some manage to come out of that, while others make a compromise with life and work. Unfortunately, this culture is neither beneficial for corporations, nor is it helpful for employees. The goal should be to find a company that has a good work culture. Choose it over a company that pays more but is known for bad work environment and employee attrition. Choose a workplace that is known for having a good work culture because when that is assured, the rest will fall into place.

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