How does the Youth Influence Fashion Trends?

The trend would be anything that the masses follow, which becomes the ‘in’ thing of that particular period, and what is easily the prevalent choice of the younger generation. It is evident that the youth of today is very self conscious, they not only want to sound smart but they also want to look good and appealing all the time. They care about their image, and clothes and fashion are a big part of that image. Clearly the youth of today is an eye-catcher, a head turner and an attention-grabber, they look good, dress well and they have the gift of gab. So how is it that the youth influences/changes fashion trends rather than merely accepting it and following it?

The answer to that particular question is rather simple. The youth doesn’t follow the rules! They have a pick, pair and wear policy. If they like it, they’ll flaunt it!

They believe in what they wear – Think of a scenario where the youth doesn’t follow the trend, where the youth just simply says that this is not what we want to look like and definitely not what we want to wear. That would bring the trend to an end. That is the power of the youth! They bring and shun away fashion trends. They like being themselves no matter what they wear, and if they think something is taking their individuality away from them, they discard it.

Everything is ‘in’ – The rule is that there are no rules. Wear what you like and what you feel comfortable in. If you like it so much, you will look good in it. The youth pairs denim with denim, print with print, block color with another block color and what not. There is not a single thing which is not ‘in’ today. You wear what you want to, the trend gurus will accommodate you anyway.

Chuck the Trend – They are often seen chucking the trend and bringing the retro back, they like being unpredictable and well, who is going to stop them? When it comes to fashion, nobody knows it better than the youth. They enjoy fashion, they play with it, they alter it and they make new trends out of it. It is as simple as that, fashion comes naturally to the youth.

Look the world right in the eye – What if there are people who don’t like the way you dress? Well, I am guessing it is both ways and who cares anyway. You keep enjoying being you and baffle people to no end. Not everybody has the bandwidth to understand your out of the box fashion and you need not explain it to them either. Wear that pair of heels to office if you want to, put that glittery nail pain, curl your hair and team up leather with denims, because in the fashion world, you are your own boss!

Keeping it low is fashion too – In a world where everybody is running behind bling, colors, prints and shimmers, the youth likes to keep it simple sometimes and that in itself has become a fashion trend. Not wanting to be the diva or rock star on your low days is absolutely okay. You look good with the minimalist approach too, because you have that air about you, which makes people look at you. Not following the trend is a trend in itself.

Fashion is something that cannot be taught, it can only be either done or aped. The best thing about today is that the youth doesn’t follow the trend, the trend follows the youth. Whatever the youth wants or wears, becomes the trend and that, my friend, is the power of youth. They are young, eccentric, experimental and oh so gorgeous!

Image courtesy : Hello1Fashion


  1. Fashion enthusiasm is slowly overtaking the young Indians’ mindset. I feel it as a necessary component because you feel good if you look great. To have that irk of confidence in self, we need to follow our own sense of fashion. It must be kept in mind that the fashion sense is all what you make of it. Nothing has to compromise with your comfort and thus make a smart choice!


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