How important is skill development in taking India forward in the 21st century?

As we all know, India is one country which is a storehouse of talent, skills, manpower and energy. The gap which occurs between the presence and the utilization of these resources is what is still holding India back and not letting it become the global superpower. India has the potential to be the next United States if the entire population starts working towards a uniform common goal. The entire country should realize that the progress of the country as a whole is way more important than individual growth, which will be a part of it anyway, but the major focus should be on taking India forward and getting it the recognition that it deserves.


Skill development may sound something that will take a long time but in reality it can be done in almost no time, and the reason I am saying so is because we do it, almost every day in our jobs. When a person starts working he has no idea of his duties and responsibilities and about how he is expected to function. But, over a period of time we all understand and start doing well and that is exactly what we are talking about here.

Employability – With skill development the employability of a person increases. Any company or organization will prefer a person who already has the skill in comparison to a fresher. Thus, having a skill will always prove to be beneficial to any individual. The only problem is that when we talk about skill, people start taking it literally and forget to apply normal logic with it which would help in getting the job done faster and better. So it should always be skills with the optimum amount of thought that should be put to use.

Progress – If an organization, or even a country, has skillful people then the success of that particular entity is almost 90% guaranteed. The rest of the 10% depends on other factors like hard work, vision, dedication etc. Skills will always help the organization achieve its goals in a faster way and will show that it is self sufficient. The organization will not have to depend on external factors and await success to come its way. They can carve the path to success using their own skills.

Expertise – Having a skill proves that you have been around for quite some time, because you sure must have taken the time to learn and become perfect in that particular skill. This exercise gives our country experts from different fields which are capable of competing or at least functioning on the global level. Thus, having skills makes a country capable of having a say at the global level and brings in bigger opportunities and not to forget, a lot of respect.

Knowledge – Once a person has learned the skill, he reaches a position where he can go about teaching other people from his experiences. This will help the country to become more experienced and knowledgeable. Having faced different situations while working also helps in mastering the skill and makes a person invincible over time, which will always work in the favor of the country and its people. This is where the huge manpower of our country comes into play. The more the number of knowledgeable people, the more are the chances of the country to be become stronger and better.

There is a reason why the stalwarts of the country still harp on the fact that skilled manpower is better than unskilled, because skill is essential to make a country grow individually and at the global level. In order to take the country further, no doubt we need talent and out of the box thinking, but we need to combine them with skill so that the country becomes unbeatable and the best.

Image Courtesy : Linkedin , Surya Prakash Garg


  1. Skill is that tool in hands of our youth that has the power to remake or deteriorate the future of India. In the name of employability and knowledge, we must focus on the skill development of the Indian youth. In short, talent is all in vain if you are not acquainted with the know hows of the industry and have no knowledge. Many talented people fail to leave a mark because of this!


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