How Internships can help with Career Planning

Ever thought why some colleges have made it compulsory to take internships in the penultimate year? The reason is quite simple actually. Colleges always want to prepare the children to the best of their capabilities, they want to ensure that the child is able to face the challenges of working in an MNC or is able to bear the pressure of meeting deadlines. Internships are always a great way of experiencing the world out there without actually having to bear any consequences.


Internships make life easier by telling you what your forte is and also gives you a hang of what the rest of your professional life might turn out like. So if you are still thinking is you should jump onto the band wagon or buy yourself some time, the latter is always a better option and here is why-

Career Planning – Planning a career is almost as difficult as it sounds. Often when two people talk about career, you will hear them saying that life has different plans for you and that is totally true. But one should ideally do everything that is in his/her hands to make the future look as bright as possible. Internships let you understand the pros and cons of the corporate world. Internships tell you how to protect yourself or how to dive in and they also tell what is probably the best option for you as a newbie.

Meeting all sorts of people – If you are lucky enough to land an internship in one of the best companies in your field, then you might get to meet the stalwarts way before you actually start working towards your life goals. This will give you a sense of how life will change when you start working and meeting new people always brings exposure and great lessons. Apart from that, it will help you in building a network which is a necessity for the corporate life, knowing people will always help in some way or the other.

Carving out your niche – Internship helps you in finding the best possible option out of the world of opportunities that suddenly open in front of you. It gives you the correct exposure and experience to make sane life choices and also brings you in contact with people who are at a place to advice you regarding your career.

Development and Qualification – Another great opportunity that internships entail is personality development. Working in a proper formal environment often helps a person to become confident and understand how one should behave in a particular workspace. And on top of that it adds the charm of having interned with a fancy company to your resume. Any employer would obviously choose a newbie who has interned with a good company over a person who has absolutely no experience at all.

Internships are always a win win situation. They come with so many opportunities wrapped within that saying no to an internship is almost the biggest mistake one can commit. Before starting your career, internships provide you the best information in the shortest time and add to your resume as well. One can make the use of this opportunity for personal and professional growth and also to determine where his/her interest actually lies. Internship helps in shaping one’s career and gives a person the opportunity to work in different environments and with different people before choosing a set environment for life. Hence, internships are a boon in disguise for freshers and college going youth and one should never lose an opportunity which has been served on a platter.


  1. Internships of technical and non-technical sorts must be seen as an elevator to your career. Before finally settling on the career, you have an opportunity to discover your own self in this time. You get to meet a lot of people and in the meantime, you get to discover your own niche. It is here where you gather the most about you! It also adds a skill to your talent.


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