How is Bollywood making the Indian society better?

Bollywood has always had a very special place in our lives, we have always had an inclination towards Bollywood and its products. The latest trend that is getting noticed, is- how Bollywood is helping in changing the nation. The portrayal of Indian women, the society and the families, as a whole has seen a drastic change on screen and thanks to this, off screen scenario is not all that bad either. Here are the times when we saw the change we wish to see in the society, on screen–

Women Empowerment – Talking about the latest movies, Tanu weds Manu 2 and Dil Dhadakne do, both have very strong female characters in the plot. The women are confident, successful and know what they’re doing. They are capable of handling difficult situations, are not scared of men and are bloody good at what they do. They have beauty with brains and they are ready to take on the world. All of this is true for the women today, they are strong, confident and ready to take on the world.

Changing rapport – Bollywood has started showing the changing rapport between various relationships, which is happening in real life too. Parents and kids are becoming open and understanding, brothers and sisters are becoming supportive and friendly. The family is shown to be one’s greatest support and an asset in the true sense.

Accepting the reality – Movies are supposed to be a mirror of the society and the society learns from the movies, it is like a circle, the movies have started showing that drinking responsibly is not a crime and the society has already started believing in it. Family parties often have alcohol and the kids are not stopped from drinking responsibly otherwise too.

Work scenes – We all have watched beautiful movies which shook and brought us to understand that life is not something that we need to spend working our asses off for the rest of our lives. They show how giving yourself a vacation every once in a while is a must for your productivity to increase. We all have become more humane since we started following that advice, we all have stopped running and we often slow down to enjoy the beauty of life.

Taboos – Bringing us the courage to fight the taboos, Bollywood is making everyone aware that things like sex, love etc are a normal part of life. One doesn’t need to shy away from such words while generally talking in public. It is all there made by God and is as natural as natural can ever be.

More real than the reality – Bollywood gets you the stories which were probably long lost in time or in the dusty files, which never let us focus on people who should have been the center of our focus. Bollywood has tried really hard in making us aware of people, scenarios and situations. It has in some way or the other made us well informed.

Entertainment – The most important and the one point which should be acknowledged whole heartedly is that Bollywood never failed to entertain us. I mean, imagine a life without the movies, without Bollywood, what will you follow? There will be this huge gap which won’t get filled by anything. So keeping people happy and entertained, Bollywood gives us something to look forward to every week and we should never forget that.

Even after being criticized a whole lot, Bollywood has never ever let us down. It has always come back to get us out of our houses to watch that one movie, which makes us feel good and gives us good vibes. I believe, we owe a lot to the Bollywood and vice versa. So, let’s just call it even!


  1. Indian cinema has a wider significance for the simple reason that it has a wider outreach. Sensible cinema and an effective script with the right cast for social issues do create a huge impact. For an inference, we all know how the status of hockey was improved after “Chak De! India”
    Such films are a medium to which general public can relate to! This relation has a great impact on our lives.


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