How social networking has changed the Indian society?

If anything has taken over the planet in the recent past, it is the evolution of the social media and the world of networking. The society has seen tremendous changes as the media took the online form. The Indian society possesses a large number of the youth and with the easier access to the internet this generation is often marked as the online generation. It is pretty much evident that social networking has changed the Indian society and thus, let see how sound the change has been!


Transmission of news

The latest report conveyed that the online generation grasps more news from the social networking sites than the news portals. The massive outreach, wide presence, and mass attraction have turned the social media into a news-sharing platform. Easy to use technology has made everyone stay updated with happenings around them.

Political platform

Social networking has driven the Indian politics to a different level. The Parliamentary elections of 2014 were fought equally on the ground and online. The India politics has reformed with a use of this amazing tool. It have made our leaders more accountable and made them interact with the public in an efficient manner.

Business advertisements

The entrepreneurship and the start-ups are considered to be the future of the Indian business industry. Starting from a low budget startups are provided and eminent platform to advertise and reach a large number of people in the lesser amount of time. This ensured the success of many amateur ideas.

So far yet so close

One of the best things that social networking has done is to bring the people closer. Gone are the days when mothers in India waited for her children to return or even make a call. In the present scenario, nears and dears are always just an online message away. Video calls, audio calls and all the integrated features have turned the world into a heaven.

As the perfection is an illusion so are the social networking sites and social media. The networking may appear bliss but, Indian society has witnessed the opposite aspect as well. If we explore a little and get to the uneven sides of the topic, the apparent change is unpleasant. True that social networking has proved a boon for a number of people like the ones who were looking to endorse their brands or exchange their political views. But before you conclude, have a look:

Expression got the platform

The freedom of expression has always been intact in the country. Be it before the social media or after it; only what has changed is the mode of the communication. As the world drifted closer, the expression took a new face.
Many social and political reforms have been started this way! In the age of startups, many entrepreneurs have met their co-founders online as they shared the same vision and had an opportunity to present the same on a common platform.

A simple example of this can be taken from how the content goes viral. The viral ‘fever’ is not because the content is extremely good always but most of the times, people feel a sense of belongingness with same. Why? The compatible ideas and the brain frequencies match up.


  1. Social Media is seen as a medium that has overtaken all other modes of all the fields drastically. The way the social media is used as a platform for the business, politics and expression, the idea of future seems to be very clear. In fact, the way Indian government is active on social media, it can be said the government is also running parallel to reach out to the masses.


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