How student politics at college impact your life in a long run?

‘No knowledge without college’ is a phrase that has been heard and said over the years by the generations. If we try to analyse the idea behind the saying, the picture will be clear. The college is not just a platform to learn from the books and pass the exam, but numerous life lessons are also taught to any student here.


The student politics is an integral part of the college life and the lessons, it offers, are for the life. Let us have a look at the long term impacts of the student politics in the life of any student.

Leadership Quality

Once out of the college, if you get into a corporate or make it to the government office; if you are handling your family business or are a budding entrepreneur, leadership abilities help you stand out of the crowd. Actively participating in the college politics in a positive manner carves the leader out of you. Once a leader, always a winner! Thus, politics at the college groom few of the best leaders.

Communication Skills

To attain big in life, you need to speak. The student politics at the college throws a platform at any young individual to sharpen his speaking skills. The globalization and the expansion of the economy have opened the world of competition. In this global age, we need the global citizens who are the masters of the communication. Student politics offers an exposure to improve one’s communication skills.


Let us fairly talk about it. The kind of the politics that have been played in the recent past was not impressive. The only good thing that came out of it was the enthusiasm in the young minds. This enthusiasm was given the right platform by the student politics. It is this patriotism that is being induced in the students in college days which stays with them for long.

Crisis Management

Politics is meant to give birth to the crisis and make the crisis managers out of the students. Even if the student politicians do not take it as a profession when out of the college, this ability will make better humans out of them. The people who have the talent to manage the crisis are widely accepted in all the fields of the life. If we talk about the best returns of the student politics in college days, it is surely the production of the crisis managers.

Decision Making

Efficient decision making after going through the pros and the cons is what India needs at the moment. The student politicians in the years of their college get a lot of circumstances to face which lends them enough experience. This experience promotes the efficiency in making the best of the decisions. In a long run, all the professionals after a certain age are required to make the wise decisions and this is where student politics gives you an edge.

Making the adjustments

United in the diversity is what marks the true India. The maintenance of this image asks the citizens of the country to make certain adjustments. The tolerance ability which is developed in an individual through the years of the politics helps us produce a better set of tolerant citizens. These student politicians are known to make the adjustments and survive the diversity of India.


  1. Starting is a key that has the power to overtake the smart people. Once you start early, you learn a lot midway! In this span, when others start, you already have an experience worth enough to outshine all. Thus, it is necessary for the students to be a part of the student politics. No matter if you pursue the same in later years of your life but the life lessons that will be served are sheerly incredible for any responsible citizen.


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