How to Answer the Most Common Interview Questions

Your interview might be the one thing standing in the way of you and your desired job. The crucial 30-45 minutes you spend answering your interviewer’s questions will make or break the deal for you. Being nervous at the face of a big interview is common. At the same time, with a little bit of preparation you can not only beat the interview blues, but also secure your position in the company you are interviewing at. Interviewers across all sectors and professions ask a few common questions. Identifying these questions and answering them correctly could give you the edge and help you clear the interview with ease.

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Tell me something about yourself

Now, this is a question that is being asked since time immemorial. In fact, this is invariably the first question asked by interviewers. Start with where you work currently followed by your past experiences and education in that order. Do not mention irrelevant details. Your resume already has most of the things your needs to know about your experience. You need to encompass all the details in a minute long answer and make it as interesting as possible.

Why are you looking to work for us

You need to answer what has interested you about the company in question. Be specific with your reply and make sure you relate it to the job you have applied for. Doing some research on the company and the role you have applied for will do you a world of good.

What are your strengths and weaknesses

Mention your strengths that are relevant with the job you have applied for. Highlight the strengths that would be applicable to the role you would be assuming in the company if you get hired. While mentioning your weaknesses, make sure you are honest and add that you are willing to put in all the effort required.

What is your expected salary

Try and not get into the specifics of this during the interview. You can tell your employer that you would be comfortable discussing this once an offer is made. In case they insist that you tell them how much you expect, make sure you are ready with an answer. Do a little bit of research on how much you can expect for the role you are interviewing for. Be confident and do not shy away from defending your expected salary.

Where do you see yourself in a year

You need to know what your role at the company would entail. Your answer should be based on that and what you see yourself doing in the next one year. Once again, this would make it easier for you to answer this question. Before the big interview, try networking with someone who works or has worked in the company. Knowing about the prospects of the job you are interviewing for will help you with the answer to this question.

Do you have a question for us

This is the final question asked at most interviews. Typically, you can ask about the work culture and your growth prospects at the company. Ask intelligent questions and do not get into details about pay and benefits. Your question should reflect your interest in the company. You can also ask about your role and the expectations your employers would be having from you.

Interviews can be tricky and seasoned interviewers can almost always tell when you are bluffing. Try to be as honest and precise as possible. Practice answers to these common questions in advance and you are sure to impress your interviewers and bag the job you want.


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