How to become a Fashion Designer in India

Looking at the general trends that the youth follows, fashion is a big part of the life of a youngster. They want everything that they own or wear to be trendy, they often have an opinion about what the other person wears or the way he/she carries him/herself, and very often the youngsters are found cribbing about how they wanted that one perfect dress which they couldn’t find in the stores. Coming to their rescue are usually their fashion designer friends who help them get the coveted look of the season. And if you are somebody who wants to be the answer to the prayers of your friends, here is how you can become a fashion designer-

Contrary to the popular belief, fashion designing has way more aspects to it than just knowing how to stitch clothes. While stepping into the world of fashion one should know everything there is to know about clothes. How they look, how they feel, how they drape and how they are cut, everything should be at the back of your mind, always. This would be a part of your skill. Honing your skills before you actually take up fashion designing as a career is of great importance because it will help you in figuring out whether it is the love of your life or only an infatuation.

The reason why we feel one should go through the effort of knowing everything there is to know about designing and fabric is because the world out there is crazy. You will get somewhere eventually, but to be in the top league, one has to work his/her ass off and be sure that they are constantly improving. Before going in for formal education one should be sure that they have the common knowledge of fabric, the texture and various other things related to designing.

Many people who want to become fashion designers start working on it post 10+2 by getting a degree in fashion designing. One could also sense that they’re interested in designing if they love subjects like fine arts or drawing and sketching in school. Also, if one has to go for a course after their graduation, then there are several courses, even part-time courses available for a person at that level. Certain institutions offer specialization courses also.

Usually the degree course is 3 to 4 years long, and the average fee would be over Rs 45000 per annum. In case a person is incapable of arranging this amount, he/she could take help from the institutions which offer scholarship based on merit.

While one can always get a degree in fashion designing, the creativity factor is usually what people are looking for in budding designers. Unfortunately, no matter how hard one tries, creativity is something that cannot be learnt, it has to come from within. So when a person decides to become a fashion designer, he/she should realize that this is one field which doesn’t ask for too much qualification, but depends solely on how you think and how different and creative can you be.

Opportunities – Like everyone knows, the opportunities in this field are countless, one can always open a boutique for themselves or if they manage to reach the top league, then even the sky is not the limit. The initial package could range between Rs. 15000 to 20000 and will soon increase, but if one works hard enough, then you could ask for the stars and the customers would get them for you.

The success rate in a field like fashion designing is totally unfathomable. One could become the best designer of the country if they have the passion, the dedication and if they have the finger on the pulse. Also, a term like success is quite subjective, so what matters more is if you are capable of satisfying yourself and if you are content with your work. And once you’re out there, don’t forget to, like they say, keep it stylish!

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  1. A perfect fashion sense catches the eye of everyone! If you are good looking and adopt the right fashion but not vulgarity, you are surely going to leave an impact sure shot. To become a fashion designer in India, you need to be well-groomed self first. Apart from your education and everything, make sure that you are following the current trends with equal compassion. Rest, the ideas in the content are well mentioned.


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