How to become an Astronaut in India

There are people who love to do things which are out of this world, if you are one of them, I mean literally, then becoming an astronaut can easily be your dream job. Astronauts are not only the people who go into space and look at other celestial bodies or look for life on other planets, they have a life which is a little more complex than that. Firstly, they are scientific experts, they really know their thing, then they have to be physically fit otherwise their chances of being sent on a space mission will crash against the earth and thirdly, one needs to be the best not only in their country but amongst people from other countries as well. This is not impossible, it might be difficult but definitely not impossible. Let’s see how can one prepare him/herself to become an astronaut-

Do you have it in you?

There are a couple of qualities and skills that a person needs to possess in order to make sure he can think of becoming an astronaut, some of them are-

  1. You need to be physically fit, there are examinations, mentally strong and should have great stamina.
  2. You should qualify the criterion of height, a particular level of height is required for people to become an astronaut.
  3. You should possess great mathematical skills, and I am not talking about addition, multiplication etc.
  4. You should have good communication skills, you must be good at English because there are very high chances that people you will be working with will not even be from your own country.
  5. You should have a good academic career and team spirit because all the space missions are done in teams, and you should be able to work under high pressure and in cramped environment.


In India, you will have to start focusing on your career once you pass 10th grade. One should choose Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics as core subjects in 12th.

After you are done with 12th grade and you have gotten good grades, you need to focus on a good Bachelors degree from a recognized university. One could choose a course in Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Biology, or Aerospace Engineering.

To be able to get a post graduation degree and a doctorate, you need to do well in your undergraduate degree. Post graduation and doctorate will basically be specialization in your stream.

After you are done with graduation, you can sit for the exam, which is held by NASA for the recruitment of scientists and astronauts. Or in order to join ISRO one needs to clear the Joint Entrance Exam which is held by the IITs.

And in order to be a mission specialist, you will need 3 years of related and responsible experience.

Job and pay package

Once you get through NASA or ISRO, your fight for a good job is over. However, there are a couple of designations that you will get at and the pay package will keep increasing with the increase in the level of hierarchy. Astronauts are usually very well paid and can be paid in US dollars if you work for NASA. There are Astronaut Trainees and Working Astronauts who work under the Senior Astronaut so the pay also differs accordingly.

As it seems, becoming an astronaut can be very exciting, your job becomes your life and you let your passion drive you and take charge of your life, but not to forget this is one field which has its own pros and cons. The life of an astronaut is not an easy one, they barely have any family life and the circumstances under which they are trained are equally strenuous. Once you become an astronaut, you could face problems in the space and be in danger because of micro-organisms or extra-terrestrial life. Hence, one should weigh the pros and cons before making up their mind and if your are somebody who chooses to become an astronaut over everything else, then you sure are in for a ride.


  1. Being an astronaut is not just a part time job till you live in space but it is a full-time venture on and off the board. If you are looking to be an astronaut, first thing first, you must be ready for a full-time commitment. Maintaining the fitness level of that level and being well informed in current affairs is also a cheat code to make it there.

    • Hey i am very much interested to work with NASA and i just want to travel in space. My dream is to become an astronaut. Could you please help me out, i mean what are the requirements for it. And how much money it costs.

    • I want to be an astronaut…I have a craze in physics…..but i have lots of Questions related to it,like how can we apply for job in isro or nasa ..and which documents or degree it requires for applying??

  2. To join Nasa as an astronaut you have to be an American national. But for research positions you can join Nasa even if you are an Indian National and Isro will launch its first manned mission in 2021 that too only for air force pilots. But after that isro will accept civillian astronauts and your ug course will not matter but PCM in 12 is a must.

  3. Your article was really helpful…i m motivated then ever. I m about to be an IT Engineer from a well known college..i just cant find the path which could lead me in becoming astronaut..can u help me with that..??
    What should i do once i become an Software Engineer..
    I hope to be coming from you soon..

  4. being an astronaut is everything for me, this article was really helpful but can anybody tell me how much money approximately it is going to cost???

  5. Hi i am in 11th class maths student and i just want to ask that – to be an astronaut it is important to clear IIT? and what should i do after 12th ?

    • Hi, firstly thanks fa being interested to becoming an astronaut because in dis generation no one is ready fa that kind job and After completing ua 12th grade u should take Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution in engineering, biological science, physical science, or mathematics it’s better to go to USA because in India Der no accredited university’s and to become astronaut in NASA U.S citizenship is must Soo u get U.S citizenship don’t worry you will get and after applying to NASA astronaut candidate program u will be not get selected at 1st attempt because it’s rare it takes time if u lucky u will get at 1st attempt if not u can again after selecting they train u fa 3 years u can think it may be takes about 5 years it depends on situation and after completing Ua training u will be assigned to mission and Ua dream come true and takes some time u may get chance to go to space after 35 or 38 years of Ua age about it’s a cool job let me know your details and if u want to know further details I will explain u…

      My goal is also to become astronaut

      Best regards,

      • Hi, I am Currently working in Software Company but my goal is to become a Astronaut but i cant find my way how to do this.Could please tell me how can i apply to ISRO Entrance Exam and NASA Entrance Exam ? Some what details about those exams.

      • Plz can u guide me more about it I actully want to become astronaut it’s my Dream and I can do any thing for it

      • Thankyou so much for your valuable info. Being an astronaut is my dream from my age 10. I am very much inspired by Kalpana Chawla. Please give me further details I mean the requirements for an astronaut. Please contact me.

      • Hello sir I am doing from NIT, Agartala then what I need to do to become an astronaut it’s better to join isro presently than after that I would go USA because I am financial, not Strong.It’s better

  6. Hey my dream is also the same but i dont know any requirements to become an astronaut or astronomer.Can you help me plz.

  7. hii guys…em reading in 11th standard and chose maths, physics and chemistry. i want to know that is it important to crack IIT to become an astronaut?

  8. Hlo…me astronut ban na cahti hu..hslc me 81% and hs science me mujhe 73% mila he…abhi me B.Sc phys major me 1st sem me admission lia hu..general me chem and maths lia hu..koi mujhe plzz..bata sakti he…me computer science lu..ya chem lu general me…?…ab mujhe kya kya step lena parega..ek successful astronut..ban ne ke lia from our India…I hope koi mujhe jarur iska reply denge…or meri aim ko ek rah dikhayenge…thank you

  9. Hi
    I also want to become an astronaut, now i am in iit doing my btech +mtech degree in electrical .
    Can u plzz guide me to what to do to become astronaut . Plzzz contact me.. on facebook

  10. Hey mam I am mohit choradia …
    My dream is to become an astronaut and I am in std 10th so what should I do go become an astronaut

  11. Myself Prudhvi Raj. I hv done my UG in Commerce department. Can i join in Isro r NASA with my degree. Please tell me is there any possibility

  12. I want to become an Astronaut. Because of it’s my dream.I also love this job , very much from last 4 years , when I buy a book which is releated with Aerospace. From this book I love very much to searching about planets like how we can live on moon and mars and some other planets like live on Saturn’ s moon and are the robots can help to us for live on other?. I lot of inspires from Rakesh Sharma and Kalpana Chawla and I want work with NASA as an Astronaut. Now am studying in 12th class . So can you suggest for become an Astronaut to what I do after 12th.

  13. You forgot to mention that US citizenship is required for the astronaut entrance exam , this is my only problem, i am not a US citizen -_-

  14. first of all , i would like to say that about me i being become also an astronaut because it is enthusiasm for me and i tell you that if i shouldn’t get an astronaut then i lost every accrued knowledge , because it is my life and adequate education although i must be strenuous exercise for astronaut …thanks for typing this statement by me … but i am telling you if it wouldn’t get it then i will die forever otherwise i couldn’t study about another topics and education now thank s your …

  15. Hey i am doing BiPC (medical) intermediate 2nd year …
    and i was passionate about being an astronaut all my life …i didnt knew i could be an astronaut through medical .. until i have read your blog … I rock biology .. but the problem is with math ..
    soo what should my next move be ? NEET is very close .. so i have to decide fast …
    can someone please help me in securing my dream job as a medical scientist in space and maybe mars ?
    ill be very much thankful .. thank you …

  16. GUYS please help me .. please … 🙏🏻 ☝🏻
    This is seriously soo important to me …
    i have all the qualities except the math part …


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