How to calm a crying baby

The cries of a baby are not only disturbing but also tough to control. It can drive parents, especially a new set of parents, insane. They need to understand that the baby is not crying because of something they did wrong. A baby cries because it is the only form of communication that it knows. The parents need to decipher why the baby is crying.


A baby’s cry could mean the baby is hungry or thirsty or has a soiled diaper or wants attention or finds something irritating. As a parent, each cry has to be decoded to understand what the baby needs. Sometimes, small things like the rough label of a dress or hair stuck in a zipper/button could be reasons why the baby is crying. When fulfilling basic needs like hunger or thirst are not calming the baby, check her to rule out such small irritations. Certain babies start crying for a soiled diaper or thirst but are unable to calm themselves even after their needs are met. Those babies would require any or all of the techniques listed below.

The six ways to calm a crying baby are listed below :

Burp : When a baby needs to burp or pass gas, they cry. Since they are on their back, they cannot do this by themselves. Place your baby on your shoulder and pat his back to help him burp. To help the baby to pass gas, gently hold his legs and move it towards his tummy. Moving the legs in a pedaling action also seems to help many babies.

Motion : Mostly movement calms a crying baby instantly. Walk around with your baby. Have you noticed how a baby calms down and falls asleep as soon as you take her out for a drive in your car? Motion works like a charm.

Swaddling : A baby, who is tightly packed inside your womb for nine months, feels insecure to be open to air and light. Babies cry when they feel cold too. Swaddling helps to soothe a crying baby even though they may initially protest against swaddling.

Noise : It is noisy inside the womb for the baby. Sounds of beating heart and flowing blood are comforting to a baby. The next time your baby cries, switch on your hairdryer and see the magic.

Suckling : Many babies just want to suckle. It is said the African tribal people allow their babies to suck at their nipples for 22 out of 24 hours and their babies never cry. The debate on whether you should use a pacifier or not is never ending and it is up to you to take a call on this.

Dark : It is warm and dark in the womb and some babies find bright light disturbing. Do not expose new born infants to harsh lights.

In spite of all your efforts if you cannot console a crying baby, then it is better to take your baby to the doctor. Babies cry when they are sick too and your baby might require medical attention to rule out that possibility.

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