How to create Employment Opportunities for Rural Youth

The rural youth is probably the most hardworking part of the entire population of India. They are healthy, they have the stamina and they have the tenacity it takes to make it big in life. The only problem though is the lack of opportunities and awareness in the rural areas. The rural youth could do wonders given the right push and the right opportunities. The rural youth could also flourish if given a chance to join the defense forces considering they are always at the peak of their health and because of their inquisitive nature, they could become tech geniuses. Let’s see how we can push the rural youth in the right direction–

Change the basic idea of agriculture – In today’s world a person cannot depend solely on primary occupations like agriculture, fishing etc. One needs to step out of their zone to see where the world is going and find out how they will be able to become a part of this constantly growing economy. The rural youth need to be aware that the more they stick to the conventional idea of earning, the more problematic the new era will be for them. And with the income from agriculture, it will be almost next to impossible to fund for your family.

Awareness and opportunities – One of the most obvious reasons behind the lack of development of the youth in rural areas is lack of knowledge, they will never go for creative fields because they are probably not aware of them. And the fields that they are aware of may not be available in their vicinity. The rural youth usually has to move to a bigger city in order to fulfil their dreams of just simply give up on them because of the lack of money and other resources.

Development of the rural areas – We require prestigious educational institutions in the rural areas of the country. The rural youth needs opportunities to discover its capabilities and for that, to begin with, we need to give them the correct environment to grow. The colleges should be inexpensive, should have standard education and qualified staff. The colleges should also let the youth discover what they are good at and guarantee a successful future. The rural youth needs to be educated so that they can help themselves and their families.

Enough Employment opportunities – The rural youth is usually either forced to leave their homes or leave their dreams, both because of lack of facilities and resources. The rural India is asking for a model renewation. How can so much of youth not have any opportunity at their disposal? There should be proper industries in rural areas and the strategy should benefit both, the employer and the employee. If industries put their plants in rural areas, then the production can happen at low cost and selling price can be kept higher as the goods will be sold in major cities. Thus, there will be a good opportunity for the youth and the company will also not be in loss.

Employment exchange – in rural India, employment exchanges still work, but the chances of getting jobs are less because the old jobs are already taken and there are no new jobs for the youth. The government should make sure that either the population in the rural areas is well under control or if there is more population, then there should be proper jobs and inflow of income so that the standard of living could be raised in these areas.

Professions in rural India – There are not too many professions that the youth can choose from in the rural India, there are very few engineers, journalists, professors, entrepreneurs. We need to focus on fields that are untouched in the rural areas and make sure that enough people are enrolled in these professions also. The more knowledge they have about the variety of professions, the more choices they will have and the economy will stay balanced.

In a high tech world like today’s, the youth is losing all their time to lack of resources and knowledge which is not something that cannot be helped. The sooner we start working towards it, the better it is because the rural India is a powerhouse of manpower. The talent, the power and the skill that they have is still unused and if India wants to develop completely then this is the part that needs most of our attention.


  1. Rural India is the backbone of this country and the Indian economy of all the times. If this region is taking care of the country so well, it is equally necessary for all of us to ensure that the people involved in this business have no worries in the name of employment. Generation of the employment in rural India should be on the top of the priority of Indian system. The government indulgence, the involvement of the corporates and targeting the local public is the USP to the mission.


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