How to deal with menstrual cramps at work?

Periods, though a God’s blessing, continue to emasculate women in their regular life and prove to be a curse sometimes. Women go through pain and uneasiness for a time period of around 5 days every month and come out clueless as to how to avoid it the next time. There are remedies and there are notions, a mixture of which leaves women suffering and helpless. So here is what every woman can do to be able to work normally even during that time of the month. Here’s to the women who want to laugh in the face of period cramps and continue being awesome.


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Walk around

Yes, walking around during your periods can actually help you avoid those devious cramps. The idea is to allow easy flow of blood and walking can help one achieve that. A lot of people have always believed that one should rest during that time but the truth is that regular walking can help way more than just lying down in one place and waiting for the pain to vanish. Take small walks to the loo, to the cafeteria, this will help reduce the tension and will help in overcoming the cramp.

Heating pads

Heating pads can work wonders if your cramps make life a living hell for you. You could either carry a hot water bottle or use a damp towel which you could microwave and use as a heating pad. There are also heating wraps which are easily available in the market and can help you keep things discreet. The heat will help in subsiding the pain and will give you comfort so that you could continue being effective during your work hours.

Hot beverages

Hot beverages have proved to be extremely helpful at this time. Drink lots of hot liquids like Camomile tea, etc. However, it is better to avoid caffeine so try not to include coffee and other caffeinated drinks in your drink schedule during those days. Caffeinated drinks are known to constrict blood vessels which might make the pain worse. Camomile tea on the other hand has anti-inflammatory properties which will help you tackle those cramps better and with more ease. Sometimes even simple warm water would suffice.


As much as I hate putting this in the list, sometimes one has no other option than to depend on pills to ease the pain. Pills have an instant effect and will help you get by the day. So, if you have an important meeting or if just cannot skip work for that one day, then it is okay to pop a pill and survive the day like a pro. However, it is advisable to go slow on the pills. Too many pills could affect the natural way of working of your body and may result in irregular periods which is not healthy. So, don’t depend on pills a lot.

Be open about it!

Periods are the most natural thing on Earth, hence, women should be open about their sufferings. It is okay to let your bosses and your colleagues know that you are chumming. First of all, this will warn the other people about your cranky behavior in advance and they would know not to burden you too much. Also, if things get worse, you could go up to your boss and ask for the rest of the day off. It is not a self–induced thing and there is nothing to hide about it. Let the world know that you are not ashamed of your periods.

More than anything women need to stop being ashamed of their periods. We often don’t get up from our seats or walk around thinking that people might notice there is something wrong. Also spotting is quite common, so we have a fear of that too. Don’t let embarrassment come in the way of your well-being. Fight menstrual cramps without worrying about what the world has to say.


  1. One of the menaces of being the a woman is to have the call of the mother nature every month in the form of a bleeding uterus followed by menstrual cramps. There is no use of ranting about it and thus, it is good to see IYN coming up with easy solutions. Walking at the workplace may not be feasible but surviving on the pills can help. Also, the heating pads and the hot beverages are further of great help.


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