How to Manage Toddler Meltdowns and Tantrums

Toddlers are often thought to be the most erratic human beings ever. We usually look at a toddler behaving in the most absurd manner and shouting, wailing and kicking in a public place but never think about it seriously. We humans often forget that everything has a reason and that is exactly why a toddler meltdown needs to be looked into. Also, you never know when you might end up in the same situation.


So here are a few ways to figure out and prevent toddler meltdowns. How to Deal with it?

Keep Calm and Let it pass – If the toddler is already at his worst, your screaming and shouting at him will do no good. So, it is better that you stay calm and let the toddler do whatever he is doing until he is tired of it and stops doing it.

Find out the reason – There has to be something which the baby is not liking, and this is just a way for him to express it. So figure out the real reason of his frustration and act on it immediately.

Make your presence felt – Show the kid that you’re there for him. Hold him, touch him, reach out for him, it usually helps in making the child calm down faster. The minute you pick him up in your arms, he will respond to the touch by quietening down.

Avoid Punishment – Punishments should be avoided under any circumstances. They usually act like the air to fire, which means it will only make the situation worse and the kid will end up disliking you forever. It will also add to the ruckus.

Help them figure out the problem – The kids usually get confused when asked about the problem. Name it for them, help them in figuring out what is actually bothering them. Work on it with them and then solve it completely giving them rest and peace.

How to Prevent Toddler Meltdowns?

Understand the child’s needs – Every child is unique in his own way. Some don’t get enough sleep, some don’t eat a lot, so cater to the child’s needs and make sure they are comfortable at all times. It will take a while for you to become a pro at it, but only observing your kid closely will help you get there.

Listen to your child – If a child is coming to you to share his problem, show them that you care. Your reaction at such a time can decide a lot about the future. The kid doesn’t always share what he is going through, so when he does listen to him closely and make sure you act on it. This will make your life much easier.

Stick to the schedule – Children’s bodies act much more adversely to the change in schedule than that of adults. So make sure that you follow the schedule that you have decided for your kid to the T. A small change in the mealtime can make the kid cranky and might start a new meltdown. So, make sure the baby is always happy and getting his meals and everything else on time.

Give your child time – Most of the times the kid is just feeling neglected. Younger children need more attention and thus it is imperative that you take out time and give your kid the attention he needs and deserves. One of the parent should always be with the kid so that he can go up to them and talk to them when unhappy. This will also strengthen your bond with the kids.

Meltdowns are something that are inevitable, but if dealt with expertise can be easily prevented or handled. So while you’re at it, make sure that you follow a couple of guidelines that will keep you and your baby happy.

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  1. Toddlers or the infants are more like the god’s toys given to you to enjoy. They may be erratic but hey! they are yours. To manage them, assure yourself that they are just the toddlers and need to be taken seriously and not at the same time. While you care for their well-being, do not be worried about their misbehave. Let them enjoy your presence but if the problem persists, find out the reasons. Be in time and listen to your child. You can do it!


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