How to develop leadership qualities among the youth?

We all have voiced our concerns umpteen number of times about how we want the youth to take over the trade from the existing generations. We all want the youth to step forward and take on their shoulders the burden of leading such a big nation towards a brighter future. But, before we hand over such a huge responsibility, we need to be sure that the youth is ready for it. We need to prepare the youth to lead the nation into a prosperous future. The youth needs somebody to guide it and then pass on the baton of charge to them. They want to do the best and all they want is somebody to help them take over.

Role Models – Inspiring the youth to do better in life is the best thing or the best help in disguise that you can give to the youth. Youth loves people who they can look up to and follow, they want more of such people who could prove to be an example for them in order to develop leadership qualities. By becoming a role model for the youth, one is helping the nation today and in the years to come as the youth will love to follow their example, innovate on that, and become even better.

Be Brave – The youth needs to be taught to be brave, they should not shy away from putting their opinions forward. They should have the courage it takes to speak out whatever they have in their mind, it can be wrong but speaking it out is very important. This will make the youth confident and then the scope of improvement becomes wider once the person knows what is wrong with their opinion. By being able to voice your own opinion, you become strong, confident and you open new avenues of discussion. This will only help us in growing.

Conferences, Camps and Other Opportunities – The older people can encourage the youth to attend the personality development conferences and camps, and push them to take new opportunities. The more the confidence, the more the strength and they will eventually emerge as leaders. Also, taking up responsibilities will help in inculcating leadership values in the youth, they could start working with a local body, and then planning and managing can be a part of their job. Leadership quality is basically the end product of exercising control over all the things happening under you.

Peer support – They could be given peer support or mentors so that they know exactly how to go about in an unprecedented situation. The youth is no God that they will be able to figure out everything without any help from anybody else. Just a slight push in the right direction can do the trick. Tell them what needs to be done better or in certain cases tell them how a thing needs to be done, and then see them coming out with flying colors.

Belief in Self – Until unless a person believes in self, he cannot make the world or the nation believe in himself. The youth needs to be reassured from time to time that what they’re doing or trying to establish is not wrong and that having faith in self and their own actions will take them a long way. Support them in their endeavors and let them take the flight.

Like every other normal person youth has certain insecurities about self too. At this point of time they desperately need somebody to come and tell them that they have the potential to do things and to change the current scenario. They will become the best if people support them, they have the courage and the power, just that somebody needs to help them find it in themselves, because everybody is good at something, it just takes time to figure it out.


  1. Leaders are either born, all that we need to do is to mentor them in the national interest. For the development of the leaders to lead India on the global front, we need to start smart. First of all, be a role model they appreciate. Acquaint the youngsters with the leaders of our history and inspire them with different stories. Organization of the camps, seminars and audio video representation can also help us to achieve our mission.


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