How to develop leadership skills in youth ?

“Leaders are by life, not by birth”

The India of the 21st century is again ready to be the ambassador and an example in front of the world. To symbolize this, we need a great set of leaders who can represent themselves under any banner on intra and inter panels. Since, the opening lines themselves acclaim that the leaders are generally created and not born; the question is what needs to be done in developing leadership qualities among the youth?


To build a good set of the leaders among our youth, we are ought to give them an experience and a fair exposure on all the levels. This is a process that has to be started early and goes on for the lifetime. Let us take a look at the steps that can be taken to remove the fears of our youngsters and develop them as the leaders:

Catch them young

The preparation of the ablest leaders is not an overnight process. This is actually a slow yet gradual process that creates the fine set of the people to settle there at the top. In the first stage of this, we need to find the capabilities of them as they are just the kids. Once we are able to configure their talent, all what we require will be the polishing.

Role of the school

Education at the school is one of the most crucial phases in yielding the crop of leaders. Acquainting them to the world out of books, organizing various workshops, seminars, etc. will be of great help. Apart from this, various events are organized from time to time. These must be taken over by the kids. Right from organization to management of the stage will bring out the best from the students.

Role of parents and home environment

‘Charity begins at home’ and this charity has to begin from home. The role of the parents in developing their kids as the leaders are an important aspect of this process. A child learns best to be a young person from the surroundings and the happenings at the home. Parents must ensure a positive temperament building and ensuring the role of their children in the decision making process.

Develop the reading habits in them

You become everything that you read or see! It is our responsibility to provide them with the reading material that depicts the lives of the great world leaders. This will inspire them on one hand and expose them to the challenges and how to counter them on the other. A good reading material about the history, wars, autobiography and the biographies of the leaders, diplomats and certain people who made it big will instill a sense of leadership in our youth.

Teach them to fail

Failing is inevitable. Not everyone makes it on the top in the very first attempt. Good leaders learn from their experiences and thus, it is necessary to experience failure. Exposing the young people to the pros and the cons of failure and helping them to combat the same practically will ensure the best results in the long run.

Decision Making

The decision made by any leader effect the entire team. A leader is required to make the correct decisions with least possible partiality and acceptable to all! Raising children as they are growing up and giving them powers to decide themselves, analyze the results will help the country on a whole.

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  1. Leadership is one of the qualities that is required to be instilled in the young minds at an early age. It is an essential part of upbringing more because of the globalization and economic reforms overtaking the world on a large scale. The role of the teachers and the role of the guardians is equally important. A child learns from the school and practices the same at home. That apart, the society must be cooperative enough to make it work in name of the country.


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